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9 poems per page - 11 pages about September 11, 2001


*~*September 11th*~*
It started out like any other day,
Everything being done the same way.
September 11th
We shall not forget,
When those two planes had hit.
Fire burning,
People turning,
Just to see what was all the racket.
Many people dead,
Fire fighters fled,
The World Trade Centers in flame,
Osama Bin Laden was to blame.
Seemed as if everything was going well,
Until the two towers fell.
Dust everywhere,
Is all seemed like a blur.
People crying,
Hope that their loved ones weren’t dying.
Now people digging through,
Seeing dead people they once knew.
No more night glow or the towers above,
Just a bunch of piled dust.
Why did this happen to us?
It started out like any other day,
Everything being done the same way.
September 11th
We shall not forget,
When those two planes had hit.


The destruction came to the Twin Towers,
with the two devastationg hour
When the first plane came,
Twin Tower one exploded into a flame
With plane # 2 not far behind,
everyone was already losing their mind
With all the people in the plane,
it left everyone with a lot of grief and pain
After both plane crashes,
all that was left was but steel and ashes
All the ones who ran with such fast faces,
left siblings with only memories and pictures of faces
No one will forget that tradic day 9/11,
when all the dead ascended up to heaven


*September 11th*
Everything was perfect
until that fateful day,
When our minds went blank
with no words left to say.
The world was upside-down
the sun forgot to rise,
All that could be heard
was sadness and cries.
It was so unexpected
and no one could have known,
Many lives were shattered
and souls were overthrown.
No one could believe it
there was no way it was true,
We didn't understand it
and had no idea what to do.
So many lives were taken
so many loved ones gone,
We'll never forget what happened
in out hearts the memories live on.


September 11, 2001
So many things before our eyes,
But nothing like on Tuesday just after the sun began to rise.
Precisely nine o'clock,
The first twin building was struck,
Lost were so many lives and put the rest of us in shock.
The plane crashed through,
And the first twin building broke in two.
The crys and screams,
The tears and sorrow,
Things that won't just go away by tomorrow.
This day will never be forgotten,
The day of 9-11,
A day that so many lives were sent on their way to heaven.
So many weren't prepared,
Not ready to leave earth,
But they were taken away,
Seemed nothing could be worse.
We have to stand up for our country,
And do what we know is right,
For the lives who were lost,
Who wouldn't want us to give up without a fight.
Help your country,
Truly love each day,
But most of all remember,
God Bless The USA!


~*September 11*~
*America, America*
*The home of the free*
*The land of the brave*
*We've won before*
*And we'll win again*
*We're worth ten of them*
*They can take down buildings*
*They can take our lives*
*But the one thing they can't take is the spirit of America*
*The knife they stabbed into our hearts won't be forgotten*
*But we will fight back*


September 11th
This was a very sad day for all of us,
i don't think that any of the countrys
we will ever again trust
after this tragic day
many went astray
all i do is hope and pray
that everything will be back to normal some day


For all affected by September 11th,
Tears will fall,
Hearts will break,
But most important, there will be life.
Let the souls of September 11th,
Ride upon the Angel's Wings,
Up to Heaven,
The Paradise of Love and Happiness,
May they Rest In Peace.


In time we will look back on today,
the horrible things and their way.
In time life will be challenged once more,
while we try once again to fly up and soar.
We’ll look back on this time of hatred and grief,
for all we’ve hidden right beneath.
In time today will be just a tear,
representing the people we loved so dear.
In time we will try to make world peace,
to put the dreadful to a cease.
We’ll look back on this time of sorrow and cry,
for today thousands of innocent lost their life.
In time we will look back and wonder the thoughts,
of the many that were suddenly caught.
In time we will think what was the cause?
That stopped our lives in a sudden pause.
Many think I’m just a child that wouldn’t know,
how the people weep for the ones lost they loved so.
Yet in time we will look back and say it’s not fair,
and our life’s not, but you have to dream and dare.
In time we will dread the news we don’t want to hear,
but then just think, think of the kind and the sincere.
For now all we have to do is sit and pray,
that all the aching will soon be far away.
In time we’ll think about the planning as thousands disappear
though their memories we still remain to hear.
In time today will be another page in a book,
that people will remember the lives they took.
These are my thoughts of that week in September,
of the many in this world will for so long remember.


happily ever after,
that will never be,
beacuase of all the pain,
we have in reality,
all our kids will know,
is hurt, pain ,and fears,
the torture life has brought us,
will last for many years,
we cannot wash off the hurt,
or free oursleves of pain,
even through the hard times,
because lessons we will gain,
the blood of the brave,
the souls of the kind,
will forever remain,
in the back our mind,
we will never forget,
the people we lost,
even though the pain,
may seem a great cost,
we know the souls,
well see in heaven,
all the people we lost,
in september 11.


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