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9 poems per page - 11 pages about September 11, 2001


*ThE WoRsT BIrThDaY*
I went into school that day
as happy as I could be.
It was my birthday as you can see.
News flashed across all of the TVs
Oh help me God, oh help me please!
Sept 11, the biggest 9-1-1
Osama Bin Laden is killer #1
The towers came down like two towering cakes.
The people inside them, no time to escape.
I will always remember September 11
And it will always be my worst birthday present.

During the hours on September 11,
All those were full of woe,
The terrorist attacks are in are hearts, and will not ever go.
We all pray for those in need, with tender loving care.
We pray for the poor soles,
Whose voices once were there,
Some were screaming,
Some were crying,
Some could not speak at all,
Simply because they were dying,
All because of those with sicken minds
Who left our country dying.

America stopped turning on the eleventh of September
This day we will always remember
I was working on the 5th floor of the 1st Twin Tower
When the time came of our worst hour
Around 9 o’clock, the first plane struck
That was when I heard the first fire truck
I looked around saw people on the phone
Telling loved ones they wouldn’t becoming home
Some started to cry talking to their wives
For they already knew it was the end of their lives
I called up my husband but he wasn’t there
I left a message saying I loved him, then I said a prayer
The phones cut off and the floor started to shake
I ran for the exit trying to escape
Down the stairs, to the doors I fled
By now the floor was covered in red
I dashed to the exit and made it out alive
There were people everywhere but most were still inside
I turned around and watched the building fall down
There were jumping out windows dying as they hit the ground
Many fire fighters went in, but didn’t come out
They never stopped working, they looked all about
When it was all over they still didn’t stop trying
They kept looking for people that were close to dying
This awful day brought the country together
This day left a mark in our hearts that will be there forever
I am very thankful to have survived
And I will pray for the souls of the people who died
So let us all come together as one now
As we try to continue our lives some how
Let us never forget the great sorrow of this day
And we shall not forget the people for whom we now pray
We all know that the eleventh of September
Is that day that we will always remember


*September 11th*
In the building
Under my desk
On the floor shaking
Saving my breath
In regard to the screams
From among my co-workers
Beside me I hear quiet praying
Together with him I join
Across the room I see a plane
Outside coming toward the window very fast
Through the building with a shatter
Down I fall into others and rubble
Under the pieces of concrete, unconcious I lay
In my head I see a bright light
In heaven, that's where I am
At piece
Instead of fear


*September 11th*
When I heard the news i didn't believe it was true,
I knew the people around me felt the same way too.
People were dying and buildings were beginning to fall
For the first time in years the U.S.A could not stand tall.

Terrorist made attacks and crashed our own planes,
Everyone knew New York wouldn't be the same.
While sitting there crying and praying for them all,
The hardest part was to watch the Twin Towers fall.

To watch all those people quickly lose their lives,
All the firefighters, fathers, children, and wives.
No one will ever forget the hard time,
When the terrorist committed a terrible crime.

Hugged his children goodnight
Kissed his wife good-bye
Stepped onto the plane
with a big sigh

As he looked out the window
he could see his wife
He could see his children
and he prayed for his life

He watched as they died
One by one
and he called his wife
and children and gave
them his love

As he talked to his wife
He said I'm not coming home
Tell Annie I love her
and Tony stay strong

He heard his wife cry
as he took his last breath
as the plane hit the towers
and the phone went deaf

His wife hit her knees
and began to pray
for every single life
that was lost that day

She prayed to the lord
that it was all a lie
and turned on the TV
With hope in her eyes

As she turned on the TV
a scream came through her throat
she saw the unbelievable
it was not what she hoped

She wondered
'Who could of done something
this horrible.' But no one
knew who. This was just
not normal

More tears filled her eyes
as she held her children close
and told them that there was
just no hope

As she laid Annie and Tony to bed
she told god that she would never again
take her life for granted or her kids
she told him she loved him again and again

Now she sits by his grave
and asks herself why
why oh why did she let him fly

People always say that they wish they could
and now they know flying isn't always good

September 11th channged her life
Greorgia Harris is no longer a wife
She loves her children more than before
She loves this country from more than her heart

She tells her story for the world to hear
She tells the world there is nothing to fear
She tells her kids that thier father is gone
but he's gone to heaven with the almighty god

There is a day we will never forget,
There was not one person who wasn't upset.
There were two towers,
Who blew away within hours.
There was an attack,
The sky turned from blue to black.
But we were all strong,
Even though it took long.
Everyone was crying,
Over loved ones who were dying.
This isn't a day to forget,
Because it will always be a threat.
On September 11, 2001,
Everything had just begun.

~*~September 11th 2001~*~
men, women and children
were in the buildings
but no one will understand
how they were feeling
no one can imagin
no one can decide
the feelings there loved ones
will hold forever inside
but as i know
thats the way life goes
but it shouldnt happen
to the ones we love
so as i pray
for the ones who mourn
over there loved ones
till dusk till dawn
but you have to know
we all hurt
and we all cry
but sometimes in our lives
we all have to say

Rest in peace 4 the
twin towers the people who
died and families who
cried. the pilots and and kids
who suddenly died,now the land has dried
the firefighters who lost their lives
4 me and u soon we will realized ,
thats all they could do. they cared and
loved now they are in heaven,
all because of September 11th!


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