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9 poems per page - 11 pages aboutSeptember 11, 2001


September 11
The day our lives will never be the same,
It was a lot of hurt a lot of pain,
isn't it sane?
Many people died,
Not many survived.
The firefighters, the police officers the one that saved many lives.
It hit the people like a thousand sharp knives.
But we will never forget those who died,
And bless all those who cried,
Cried for a loved one,
That is now gone and done.
They remain in heaven and thats were they shall stay,
The people who did this....... they will pay.

We watched as people suffered and died,
as orphans and widows prayed and cryed,
as the planes hit the towers the world held its breath,
as everyone saw the destruction and death,
the workers stopped working the teachers stopped teaching,
all the alarms sounded and the preachers kept preaching,
we could all feel the pain of the people stuck up there burning,
and when another person jumped our stomachs started churning,
everyone was on their knee's praying for the souls,
that were going up to heaven and had lost their dreams and goals,
we were losing all hope as the number of death's got higher,
and our anger kept growing in our hearts like fire,
the day September 11th would now be a very important date,
the day everyone everywhere would question their fate,
this would be the day that our courage shows bright,
for everyone around was helping with all their might,
all those people dead with not even a grave,
but the helpers still worked with the hope that another they might save,
after all the destruction was done all we could do is give,
so we waited in lines miles long to give blood so someone might live,
now where the twin towers had once stood is a pile of ash,
and everyone alive will always remember the day of this terrible crash,
that took the lives of so many that didn't want to die,
this day when smoke and ash filled the New York sky,
this is our country, the land of the brave and free,
this is a country that everyone should see,
with our colors red,white and blue,
and forever and ever we will shine through.
This is our country and it is AMERICA!

America Mourns
It is a day that America will never forget.
On September 11th 2001, in New York City,
2 airplanes had hit the World Trade Center.
In Washington D.C that same day.
The Penigon was hit by another airplane.
In Pennsylvania, the same day,
An airplane hit an open field.
All of the people on that plane had died.
All those planes were hijacked.
They say that the World Trade Center was the worst.
Both of the World Trade Centers feel.
The buildings were up in smoke.
People said they could see people jumping out of the building.
Kids got out of school early.
People were rushed to hospitals and many people died.
The President said this is the start of World War III.


-:|:-The Towerz-:|:-
Mass Hysteria strikes again.
When will all of this violence end?
Can't they see the pain they cause?
Do they live in a country with any laws?
They go for a shot that reaches high above,
They take form us a place that most have grown to love <3
People inside working hard everyday
Why is this the price they are forced to pay?

Without a warning without any notice
They jumped on our planes and cripple americans with fear
All the people inside knowing that their end is near.
Insted of giving a reason they only give a stare
They kill all the cabins without any care.
They slice thru loved ones, leaving only a trace,
With only the memories of each beautiful face.


You think terrorist attacks happens overseas
and now it happens which makes us uneasy
all people are praying and hoping that this wont be that bad
but what most likely will happen makes us sad
but we will stand united
and flags fly all around
and all united states citizens still stand proud


*The day*
The day was bright, beautiful as the ocean
The sun was brighter then ever
The poeple went on with their usual lives
The buildings tall as ever
The children happy and playful
The lives of many went on as any other
The day became dark
Over the heads of many clouds began to gather dark and angry
The earth began to shake
People running for cover
Flames roaring screaming high low everywhere
The twins were being attacked
Nowhere to hide many have fallen many have passed on
Screams, cries, sadness is spread
anger is greater
Why is asked by many
The twins are down and the poeple are hurt
This day is to be remebered by many and will never be forgotten
Those men and woman who gave it their all to help those who passed on!
>>>>>>>United We Stand<<<<<<<<<<<*09-11-01*


What has happened
The skies are dusty , almost black
What has happened
We have had an attack
What has happened
Everyone is filled with sorrow and dismay
What has happened
To the U.S.A.?

My name is Christine Hanson.
I am only two years old.
I am going for a ride,
or thats what I am told.
I am sitting here quietly,
next to my mom and dad.
I am having a fun time.
Everyone seems glad.
Why is he yelling Daddy?
Please tell me what' s wrong!
Please dont cry Mommy,
this ride won't be that long!
Why are we getting up
and moving to the back?
Why is everyone crying?
Why is she being attacked?
What did I do wrong?
Why are they yelling at us?
Why is everyone screaming?
What is all the fuss?
I thought you said that
this plane ride would be fun.
Is this a game Mommy?
Am I it, am I the one?
I think I will hide behind you,
so that I don't get caught.
Daddy this isnt fun anymore!
This isn't what I thought.
Why do I see buildings
right out the next window?
Shouldn't we stop now?
Shouldn't we go slow?
What was that loud boom?
Why do I see fire?
What just happened Daddy?
We should have been higher!
We have hit a building,
the World Trade Center I think.
I am slowly dying now.
I can't open my eyes to blink.
Where are you Mommy?
Why can't I hear your voice?
Why did they drive us here?
This wasnt our choice.
My name is Christine Hanson,
I am only two years old.
We were going for a plane ride.
why did this happen to me?
Its what we were told.
I'll never go to prom.
I wont reach the age of three.
Why did this happen to these people?
Why did this happen to me?

*~Pay Bin Laden Pay~*
Family and friends mourn in despair,
Innocent lives taken it wasn't fair.
From the attacks what would the terrorists gain?
They've caused so much anguish such sorrow such pain.
They've hurt so many in unimaginable ways,
While the horror remains with them throughout their days.
We have done nothing to deserve this fight,
As the terrorsits think that what they've done is right.
They think by this they've torn us apart,
Though really they've brought us closer at heart.


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