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9 poems per page - 11 pages about September 11, 2001


They destroyed our buildings,
And took many lives too.
They attacked our country,
Leaving us not knowing what to do.
They broke many hearts,
And tried to shatter our dreams,
They tried to threaten our freedom,
Through their evil schemes.
They tried to ruin America,
but they will not suceed,
we will wave our flag proudly
and stay united indeed..
Our hearts go out to all who have suffered,
We pray for them everyday.
We are proud to be Americans,
And live in the U.S.A.
So for now, our tears may flow,
But are faith will come through,
America will prevail.
God bless the Red, White, and Blue!

Forever in America's Heart,
The day that her people so sadly did part.
The falling of out World Trade Center
Will remain in our minds,
Forever to remember.
September 11th, nine-one-one,
The day they attacked but they still haven't won.
Our flag says it all,
Red, white, and blue,
These colors are strong, these colors are true.
This is America's oppurtunity to shine,
No, this is not a tragedy this is a sign.

September 11th was a tragic day,
for those who lost their lives in the worstful way.
Tears of sorrow filled the world that day,
remembering those who passed away.
We thought our world had become such a better place,
peaceful with a smile on everybodys face,
but the tables had turned that day you see
and we all thought "could it be world war III?"
And now we will prey upon the innocent who died that day,
and punish the terrorists who should be prepared to pay,
And thank the hero's for risking there time through days and nights,
searching for bodies under this tragic sight,
and thank all the people who lent a helping hand,
and thank America for all there courage and demand,
and thank god who is still with us this day,
for nurturing the good and making the bad ones pay


When I heard about the Twin Towers
I thought about dying flowers
When I heard about the people
I thought about a church steeple
When I heard about Bin Laden
I thought about the world plotting
When I heard about the people in my town
I new we were at war now
When I got home and saw all the TV shows
I new then that this was bigger than anything
Bigger than JFK
Bigger than my lousy day
I knew my troubles were gone and away
The day I heard about the Attack on America.
God Bless America! Peace on earth be with us now
Cause America needs some help.


Why must we fight, its just not right.
Two countries at war, one rich one poor.
Why can't we make amends, why can't we be friends?
The pain and the terror both countries go through
Just isen't enough to prove whos who.
One must win, in this horrible tradgedy, why can't anyone see what's reality?
Family's torn apart...
Together they'll mourn
Through feelings and heart.
No one understands the pain thats here with me
They can't understand what they cant see.
When the twin towers went down
Loved ones were lost
And still not found
Some buried alive
Buried deep in the debris
This could have been anyone
This could have been me!
But everyday i pray and keep them in my thoughts
For this could have been prevented this could have been fought.
It's to late now; out reaction was not in time
For this is our country land of the free
It's not turning out how i thought it would be.
Our counrty is dying the red, white and blue
This isn't a dream it's incredibly true.
As our country goes to war
We'll proudly stand
And give a helping hand.
One country must win whether it be of heart or of sin.
In god we trust
And if this is true
War is definitly not a must!
If we belive in faith
True miracles can come true
Though an act of war is something we shouldent do.
So take your time and think this through...
There could be another way
Although i will pray and pray
For those who have lost friends and family along the way
For those who have been injured
And those who cant be cured
For this i give my word!


Two twin towers
Standing side by side,
Looking down on New York
With glory and pride.
Then along came two planes
Which were up to no good,
And they hit the huge buildings
As hard as they could.
Who would have thought
That they would soon crash,
Covering up innocent people
With rubble and ash.
The cowards who did this
Were in the planes too,
So they gave up their lives
To make this attack come true.
Clouds of black smoke
Were everywhere to be seen,
And houses and neighborhoods
Were also in this scene.
Some risked their lives
To look for survivors in the remains,
And those who lost their loved ones
Their hearts were forever stained.
Too many people died
And many were left behind,
Our country will remember forever
This day in our minds.
Although a great deal
Of major damage was done,
Our country still stands
United as one.


We lost so many friends in the 911 attacks.
But now america is together
like we all made a friendly pact.
When i think about that day
I wish I could have turned away.
I can't think about the people crying
in American Flight 11 and Flight 175.
And the heroes of Flight 93
that took down the enemies and had one last thrive.
The men and women that risked their lives
running into the towers felt they had great power.
Some of the fallen men had their wives
and some of the women had their husbands.
We now have an even stronger nation
that is keeping America from devestation.
Our confidence of our world freedom
may take a long time to come.
When I heard the news that day
I was speechless of what to say.
Soon enough well have a new kind of war.
America is what i wrote this Poem for.


on 9/11 we were attacked, my country and I
I sat dazed and stared at the TV in class
wondering why this happened
they left us crying looking for loved ones
they left us mad and starting riots
they thought they weakened the us
BUT what they don't know is we got up
and dusted our selves off and we built up a wall this time
stronger than before, so be aware if you think you can
attack the US then osama bin laden will see you in hell

I look @ some people & wonder why,
why so much do they want us 2 die?
Is it because that's their only purpose 4 living?
or just because they're tired of our giving?
Some people I'll just never get,
Someday da pain they caused us they'll regret
Why some people do da things they do
I'll never understand-will u?
(this poem is based on the horrific terrorist attacks)


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