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(20 Lines max length for poems)


9 poems per page - 11 pages about September 11, 2001


*Under the Rubble*
Two of the tallest buildings around,
Toppled like old houses, to the ground.
As the memories fell away,
So did the people, on that day.
Personally, a friend of mine,
Sadly no longer able to shine.
As well as the ones on the planes,
That struck those buildings like angry cranes.
Clouds of dust suffocated the city;
People escaping from the pity.
Not many were found beneath the remains,
At least not enough to relieve the pains.
The same thing happened in three different places,
Erasing the grin on all peoples' faces.
A national attack was declared,
As little children became more than scared.
Days later, the edges of horror started to fray,
As some of the debris was cleared away.
Though the President declared attack,
None of those people are ever comming back.


What happened on Sep.11 was very bad,
it made everyone mad and soo sad.
This attack made everyone cry.
the tissuses are all used up,
There finished and all wet.
This might have been bad,
but it brought us together,
hopfully we'll no longer be sad.
Terrorism is somthing that needs to stop,
their lean-mean-fighting machines!

on September 11th,
we were attacked,
many turned to Him in heaven
and others just sat
Many shed tears
and many had died
all for our country
and for everyone here.
our troops were sent out
ships and planes were deployed
the loved ones would pout
but they were all overjoyed
when they would return
and this was all for our country
and for everyone s freedom


September 11th, 2001, America was under attack,
and now it is time for us to fight back.
America lost family and friends,
they will be in our hearts 'til the end.
We thank our heros for what they have done,
for the was has only just begun.
America will stand united and free,
and we will win WW3!!!!!


On Tuesday morning I woke up in the sun
On Tuesday morning life was not very fun
I searched around for something to wear
But on this day I just did not care
I bet I wore something nice and pretty but its just not coming to my mind
I rummaged around my kitchen looking for a bagel which I didn't find
I went to school all happy and cool
Tragedy happened while in school
Peoples lives were slipping away as I sat and laughed in class
They didn't even tell us what had happened as time went pass
People were crying and dying as we sat and talked, yes its true
Terrorist attack had happened and lives were gone as we had no clue
America was under attack and no one was ready for it
People jumped for their lives as there buildings were purposely hit
Where were you when the world stop spinning?
I had no clue as school bells were ringing
I wish someone would have told us
Would it really have been too much fuss?
God bless those who have tragically died
But keep in mind Bin Laden can't hide
Keep them all in your future, still there holding on
Keep them all near your heart, where their never gone....


As the clouds seem to fly by.
I must stop, and think, why?
There's millions of other people, but why me?
God, you must be able to see this point I see.

I now feel tears streaming down my face.
If I get off this plane they'll think I'm a mental case.
A man is crying with his wife on the phone.
I don't have one to call on, and I feel so alone.

The woman beside me is breaking down.
Her flight was for California boun'.
I start to pray as much as I can as I cry.
God, help me, I'm so high in the sky.

I wish I actually had my mom and dad.
When they hear the news they will be so sad.
I lean my head back and try to think.
I imagine my mom hearing the news and breaking down at the sink.

I feel a sharp turn,
The impact feels like a burn.
Everything is messed up, there are no more screams.
Everything is so quiet, as so it seems.

I think I may be the only one alive.
The plane is to high in the building, I guess I will not survive.
I am feeling so much more calm.
I still wish my parents were here, to hold my hand, palm to palm.

I think I maybe dying the memories are flooding back.
I wish I could shout to America, "we are under attack!"
There is no need, now I know I am almost dead.
There is too much damage to my head.

People say there's a white light.
I do not see it, the dust has ruined my sight.
Oh God, tell everyone I love them, I am going now.
But how could this happen to the Trade Centers, how?


September 11th was a day when we cried
September 11th was a day when loved ones died
On that day terroists attacked
To show how we felt, we attacked back
Now the United States is not a happy place
We have to be scared and feel unsafe
On September 11th it effected our lives
September 11th, laughs tured to cries


~my starz,my heroz~
as u look upon us now
our hearts still tremble from those dayz
wen u my starz and heroz
were just workin your own wayz
but wen it struck and hit me
that i might never see u again
i wished and hoped and wished and hoped
but i new i wouldnt win
so now as i sit here
in my house all lone
i still wish i could hold u
your my starz and heroz
~this is dedicated to all those who
lost a loved one in the 9/11 attacks~

*September 11*
We lost the ones we loved,
hope their with the one above.
They invaded our land,
now we'll take a stand.
We'll always have our freedom,
because we know that we'll beat them.
You can't take our pride,
and you know you can't hide.
With our faith we'll prevail,
we know God's love will never fail.
I know the attack wasn't fair,
but I know God's love will always care.



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