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9 poems per page - 11 pages about September 11, 2001


*September* *11th*
I stare at the TV, tears in my eyes, Hearing people's scared defensless cries
I sit there unable to help, unable to react,
Why are we being attacked?
I see the Twin Towers crumble to the ground,
Screams are muffled and drowned.
People hurt and killed,
smoke and dust is what air has been filled.
Doctors Police and Fire Fighters put their lives on the line,
Waiting for someone to give them a sign.
How many people gone,
to get over this is going to take so long.
So many weep and cry,
until their eyes run dry.
It is so hard to go on,
especially without a mom.
I feel so bad,
especially without a dad.
What is this nation to do,
until these people are through?
What if they hit again,
even worse than it's been?
I just hope and pray,
that September 11th will be the last our country will have to pay.


*Our Selfish Tears*
Sometimes I lay down
To cry in the night
Because of the sadness
Caused by a fight.
This fight was caused
By a faceless man
Because he did
All he can.
He did all he could
By blowing up two towers
The tragedy that would make
Life sad, every single hour.
This very problem caused
A fight in Afghanistan
You probably don't know
How mad I am.
From now on
I have no clue
What's going to happen
To me or to you.
Now the way I feel
Is undependable
I feel so irresponsible.
I do not know
What is going to happen.
So I just figure
I do not trust any man.
So I just want you to know
Do not do what you see.
Please follow by someone
Even if its me.


..::**Remembering September 11,2002**::..
As I woke up at 6 o'clock,
My mom was crying
As she said people are dying.
My grandma was sad
And my dad was very mad.
As I watched CBS News,
I knew my country would never lose.
As the 2 great towers were crashing down,
My little sister started to frown.
I think about the people who died in the crash
And also the Pentagon is full of black ash.
As the brave firefighters did their best,
The heroic police men did the rest.
As guardian angels were everywhere,
They tried to protect the people there.
But were still united
As the planes collided.
The terrorists attacked beautiful New York,
As you can see they are all dorks.
As I couldnt get rid of that awful sight,
I knew God's light would always shine bright.
As reporters came over to give donations,
They asked them one question,
Why did the terrorists attack my nation??
So everyday
Now I pray
GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That horrible Tuesday of September eleventh 2001
that date came out as 911.
Did these horrible people purposely do that,
will we ever know?
Why would these people do this to our nation,
will we ever know?
Those millions of people who were killed,
that scares me and gives me the chills that people
could do that for no good reason,
how could people kill like that,
will we ever know?
The Twin Towers stood for years;
they fell down and gave everyone tears,
how could people do this,
will we ever know?
Screams heard all over the world echoing in my ears.
How could people do this,
will we ever know?
Will war ever end?
Will we ever know?


---Terrible Tuesday--
That terrible Tuesday those terrorists hit,
They thought our nation’s candle
Would go unlit.
We proved them wrong
And lit millions more,
And set them outside of our house’s door.
On September eleven, we did what we could
And all around the world, other countries understood.
We helped, gave blood, and some gave their lives,
And made sure that our country forever thrives.
“America, America, God shed his grace on thee
And crown they good, with brotherhood
From sea, to shining sea.”
These words were heard, and on, way past tomorrow
We will sing them, with great grief, and with great sorrow.
But our freedom’s still with us, and so you see,
We’ll always live, and take pride in this land of liberty.

Where were you on the eleventh of September?
It will be a day that I will always remember.
As I sat and watched the pictures with fear,
I couldn't help but shed a tear.
So many lives lost in a flash,
Hijackers took a plane to crash.
National monuments now long gone,
How long will this terrible war go on?
I pray each day for our boys in the fight,
I ask God to give them strength and might.
The innocent people of that far away land,
Are under the rule of the Taliban.
America has always stood up for what's right,
And now many Countries have joined in our fight.
We must hold our heads up, stand proud and stand tall,
Fighting for freedom and justice for all.

planes flew into the twin towers
which were once a sign of great power
now fell to the ground
destroying lives and buildings around

new yorkers cried
osama bin laden lied
and americans thought
about the brave people who fought

a day of harsh murder
that would cease no further
the day of september eleven
when many people went to heaven

we will always remember the the terror
forever and ever
of that terrifying hour:
the collapse of the twin towers.


all i heard was about the crash
september eleventh
now known as the last day new york was beautiful
it blows mah mind to know that i could be in danger
i could be next...

On that one September day,
My daddy's job took him away.
I try and try and keep on trying,
Try my best to keep from crying.
I think my daddy went up in the clouds,
But when I think tears start to shroud.
I loved my daddy more than anything,
But now that he's gone the birds hardly sing.
Is my daddy under the rubble,
Or is he in a heavenly bubble?
Is Daddy dead or alive?
To find out is for what I strive.
My daddy's been gone for several months,
And hasn't turned up in anyone's hunts.
I don't want Daddy to be in pain,
And from breaking down I try to restrain.
I know I'm not the only one,
Who's missing a mommy or daddy or son.
And I think I'm starting to break away,
From memories on that eleventh day.



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