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9 poems per page - 11 pages about September 11, 2001


*The Day The World Changed*
i went to school one day ready for the norm.
it went to my classes and felt something has went wrong
the called us to the auditorium
unaware of what they wanted
we walked in joking lauging and happy
when they told us what happend that day
we could not enjoy the rest
we sat in class listing to radio hoping to hear the best
we never heard the best not even now
I have been wait for good news but it has not been found
everyone in school remembers that day
I think we will remember it forever
because thats the day the world changed

-=September Morning=-
A normal day. Clear blue skys.
Above your heads roars a plane. No special attention rewarded.
Behind you an explosion so loud every head turns, every mouth drops.
Billowing clouds of smoke poor towards the heavens.
Minutes later.. another explosion.
Her legs buckle, a grand tower collapses..
Falling, falling, falling.
A single tear running down every cheek
A city becomes chaotic, fleeing from the site.
Confusion, fear.. they became the known expressions.
The next tower falls. We become one color.
America is united. Something we've always wanted.
Red White Blue... These colors DON'T run.


Late at night you died
I thought mom lied
What was I supposed to do
You were the one I could come to
But now I know you are really gone
It has left my heart torn
You were taken away so fast
Why didn't your time on earth last
I miss you so
Why did you go
It's hard to wake up each day
Knowing that you have gone away
As I lie down to go to sleep
I can't help but weep
I will never forget the times we had
To every one you were like a dad
But to me you were superman
I was your biggest fan
To the world September 11 was the biggest tragedy
But to me it was losing my daddy


*I hear New York Singing*
I hear New York singing
I hear the nation clinging
I hear families weeping
I hear victims creeping
I hear flags flapping
I hear children clapping
I hear soldiers dying
I hear the President crying
I hear post offices closing
I hear no one dozing
I hear the Al Qaeda running
I hear leaders being cunning
I hear Northern Alliance men cheering
I hear Bin Laden fearing
Dedicated in memory to all those who lost their lives on
September 11


What a horrible day.
What could we have done to prevent it?
Families emotionally broken,
Pessimists ruining lives.
There was nothing we could do
But stand together for the Red White and the Blue.
Praying for the better
Wishing away that horrible morning.
How many hundreds of people died that morning in September?
United We Stand,
In God we trust.
Never again to be broken apart.


September 11th I`ll never forget the day,
the terrible price the terrorists made us pay,
I see the Twin Towers in ruins they lay.
Thousands of people in vain did they die,
when two terrorists hijacked the planes in the sky.
When the towers fell the city became dark as night,
and the people in our country had a terrible fright.
The U.S. is now united as one,
as the war for our country has just begun.


We must never forget,
and always remember,
what happened that day,
on the 11th of September,
Lives were lost,
Firefighters and policemen were called,
and out of the hundreds that went,
Ever since that day nearly 300 have falled,
Some were missing,
Some some were dead,
Some have gone crazy,
And some have just died in their bed,
Why did this happen,
Why to us,
Why did it hit our brothers and sisters,
This terrorism is way to unjust,
God was watching hundreds,
As they were watchin their fellow men fall,
God was with the firefighters and police,
When they first got the call,
We are the land of the free,
The home of the brave,
But in a half of a second,
Hundreds wouldn't be able to die in a grave,
So I ask you,
Never forget,
And always remember,
What happened that day,
On the 11th of September.


On September 11 we stood aghast at an unpleasant sight to see.
It ruined many lives and left the people still here, without any glee.
Now all that is left are the remains of memories, hope, and joy.
We are struggling through it, all men, women, girls, and boys.
That tragic day in history left many people alone.
Their loved ones crashed to the ground or burned in flames, never to return home.
We are trying to stay together to support those whom death has affected.
Though really it has affected us all, and those feelings should not be neglected.
As Americans we need to stick together and be able to express ourselves.
This will help us get through the hatred and sadness that dwells.
When the war and fighting stops our feelings with remain the same.
But hopefully we will feel better by destroying those to blame.
Though more deaths are not the answer to make amends with our woes.
We need to understand that this is the path that our country chose.
We need to be supportive and help in any way we can.
If we do so, we’ll show the world that united our country stands.


Americans cry and the pain is here
For so long we have laughed and loved
But all was taken away in the blink of an eye.

Americans cry's are heard from every house
It's the cry of pain and astonishment
At what happened that September 11th.

No one could believe it and little understood
So much happened in what seemed a second
So many hurt, so many more died
So many mourning and so many panicking.

The broken glass
The broken metal
The last phone call's for some and last look at life.

As soon as it started it seemed to be over.
So many people calling family and friends
Trying to see if any have died.

We all have a message for the one who made it Happen
Mine is "We'll get you for this and you shall
Die a thousand death's for every life you took"!


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