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.*.bad boy.*.
I don't know what it is about that bad boy style
all I know is it drives me wild
every time I see you I can't help but smile
all the cute and thugish thing u do
make me wanna stay with u awhile
so you better hurry up and take u pick
cuz u just might be missing out on one bad lil' chick!

The four of us
All for one and one for all
Best friends forever
Each other we call
Never split this quad up
Or else you’ll be in trouble
We stand up for each other
And cheer when one hits a double
We will be and are best friends for life
Thru thick and thin together we will be
These girls are awsome
And you just wait and see
We’ll be together forever
Don’t get mad when
in our group you can’t be

***Total JERK***
You pissed me off
You made me mad
You made me cry
You made me sad
You lied to me
You made me hurt
You made me see
You are a total JERK!


A crush is a ton of mush
even though it isn't a rush
you luv someone till the end
and consider them more then a friend
you like there presence and there style
being w/ them is worth while
you always laugh at there jokes
and always offer to share a coke
trying to impress them isn't easy
when your by them you get queasy
there special then all the rest
and you hope they think your the best
if they ask you out it'll be to hard not to pout
because the person you have a crush on
is the best guy around
just beware there always bound

sorrie I havn't been there
sorrie I wasn't the one
sorrie I was always on the run
I*m sorrie that I always cried
in the night wishing that you didn't hate me
it tares me a part that
I*m sorrie I didn't ask u sooner for the keys to your heart !


-Die for love-
I sit in the park where I dwell
For this boy I love so well
He took my heart away from me
Now he wants to set me free
I see a girl on his lap
He says things to her he never said to me
I ran home to cry on my bed
Not a word to mother was said
Father came home late that night
He looked at me from left to right
He saw me hanging from a rope
He took his knife to cut me down
And on my dress a note was found:
Dig my grave Dig it deep
Dig my grave From head to feet
And on the top place a dove
And remember this, I died for love….

Happily ever after,
That's how they want you to think it will be,
But it's not,
Not at all in reality.
The deaths, the tears, the fears, the falls,
Through it all we still go on.
The broken hearts,
the cheating friends,
So much pain that never ends.
The fake smiles that seem to make everything ok,
But no for you, because you know the pain won't go away.
Bright and cheery, but oh so weary,
Because inside your heart is breaking in two.


I'm giving up on loving
you I cant take the pain you've put me through
Deep down I know the feelings are always there
Maybe someday you will care
At least for now I can hide my pain
I know if I dont, I'll go insane
Our time apart has made me realize
There is no second chance when it comes to guys
I almost had you back one time
But of course, you changed your mind
The many excuses that you have told
Are getting lame and really old
We never talk anymore
Its like a room to ur life and u've slammed the door
It hurts to know you've shut me out
Now i know wut love is all about
You're happy then u cry and cry
Where there was truth becomes all lies
All in all it never ends for good
But then again, who thought it would?

y do i always end up thinkin of u,
your voice your smile,everything you do
at 1st i thought this would never work out,
i thought we would never last, without a doubt,
but i think i m starting to c what no 1 else could that it seemed,
no1 else would, we r perfect 4 each other,
without a doubt, and this time it really will work out


for all the times u made me cry
and walked away saying good bye
i cared for u, for us
u can't tell me that this was just lust
all those nights under the stars now u're away
so far next time i won't fall for u or someone
out of the blue think about it next time u hurt a gurl
u just might destroy her whole world

I wish upon a star
that no matter how far apart we are
you will find me and you will see
How perfect are we
I wish that
if for some reason my wishes dont come true
That another person out there is wishing for me..
hopefully that person is you.

..Undreamable love..
Holding ur handz & kissing u
Feelin ur sweet & soft lipz too
Cuddlin keepin each other warm
U keepin me safe from harm
Under the starz tonight
Along with the moonlight
Realizing this is reality
Cuz wit u dreamz can neva compare
To all da thingz we have shared
Cuz our love is undreamable

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