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(20 Lines max length for poems)

~ Missing Homework~
I don't now what I'm going to tell my teacher
because I didn't get my homework done,
Hey I couldn't help it, I was having fun,

OOPS! I didn't get my report card signed,
I hope my teacher doesn't mind,
Oh no! I forgot to finish my map of Kentucky,
If my teacher is sick, I'll sure be lucky,

Perfect, the bus is pulling up to school
and I don't have my homework,
I feel like a fool,
Gosh that bus ride was fast,

I guess I wanted it to last,
Great I'm sitting in my classroom now,
When my teacher finds out my homework isn't done
she's going to have a cow,

All of the sudden I see something
that puts everything on mute,
A smiling substitute

My friends always told me
That you would make me cry
My friends always told me
That you would always lie
My friends always told me
That I will find some one new
But my friends never told me
My heart will always want you.

*~*Questions Unanswered*~*
Why don't he want me
Like he used to do?
Why don't he care for me
Like he always used to?
Why don't he Love me
Like he used to say he would?
Why don't he want me forever
Like I thought he could?
Why don't he want me
Like he used to do?.

Boy, u have got me so crazy bout u!
And Im not sur what to do.
Everytime i look at u,
U make me smile and happy 2.
My heart races faster and i begin to blush,
From head to toe I feel my blood rush.
U make my day wen u smle at me.
Even if its just 4 a second i no u thought of me.
Even if u dont love me now ill still love u.
Becuz I no sumday ull love me 2!

Best friends forever!
We are always together and thats how it'll stay
For ever n ever in that way
She's there for me when i am down
I'm there for her and we clown around
She is always there for me
When i get a house she'll have a key
There are so many things weve been thru
Laughing and crying what best friends do
We are always by each others side
Forever that will stay until we die
Theres a way that it will always be
Together forever....you and me

When summer comes,
What will i do,
When you are gone i will miss you,
We could call each other,
But that is not enough,
How can i get to you,
I don't know what i will do without you,
I will find the way anytime anyday,
I love you so much,
I dont want to leave you and your soft touch,
I will miss the sweet things you say,
When you tell me how pretty i am,
I will miss all the things you say;
All the things that make me feel loved,
I kneel by bed every night and pray,
That things will be ok,
We could write letters everyday,
Maybe that can make it better,
So this is good bye till then,
When we are together again.

Inside a mind.....
Inside a mind there is a story that awaits,
a hurt that cant be described.
Inside a mind there are thousands of memories,
memories that are ancient, magical.
Inside a mind there are screams of anger
from the pain of a break up.
Inside a mind there are favorites, enemies and love.

Making the world a better place,
starts with a mask right over your face,
and though your smile is just a thing,
it makes everybody scream,
put a mask on, put a mask on,
come on
put a mask on!!!

**No longer Friends**
One little word
thats all it took
to change my life
to a different book
She is mad at me
I wanna say sorry
I just want our friendship back
to the way it used to be
But until that happens
we are destened to be
No longer friends.

Open Up the gates lord
for I'm about to aboard
My baby did nothing wrong
I am trying to me strong
Sometimes I try and Sing
because love for my baby is a powerful thing
The air if getting colder
for every minute that passes my baby is getting older
I dont want to do this
I want to give my baby a kiss
if my baby is a boy
I will have so much Joy
If my baby Is a girl
I will call her my baby pearl
my parents say this baby shall never cry
They say instead it shall and will die
However I've decided to keep this child
I will not kill it like it's wild
Now it's that it's grown inside of me
I've decided to let it be
This baby I WILL take
It was me who made the mistake.

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