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(20 Lines max length for poems)



If love were simple why are there break-ups?
If friends are supposed to be true, why do some lie?
If guys are supposed to love, why are there the one's that break your heart?
Everyone says things are simple then there's that one that makes it hard.

*i will still be loving you*
:+: i cant describe diz love i have fer yew :+:
:+: da onlie thing i kno iz dat itz tru :+:
:+: n when da sun goez away :+:
:+: u brighten up da rest of muh day :+:
:+: i cant describle da way i feel :+:
:+: my heart tellz me dat diz love iz real :+:
:+: u know that when all muh dayz n nitez are thru :+:
:+: i will still be loving you :+:
.:*i love you*:.

Though we can't be together
Somebody cares
if you're happy today,
If your heart
is cheerful and light.
Somebody cares
if you're feeling good
And everything's
going just right.
And somebody hopes
that this message will show,
In a warm little
heart-to-heart way..
You're thought of,
and happily wished
An especially wonderful day!

~Asian Pride~
asian pride is on my mind
asian blood is in my kind
so step aside and let me through
cuz its all about the asian crew
asian love is all around
for my fellow asians never let me down
so show your pride and say its true
cuz asian genes can be in you

*ThE nOt So PeRfeCt GuY~
If you ask me what i look for in a guy
I will say that i look for a guy who tryz
A guy who lives life and deals with what it brings
And not someone who will try to buy my luv wit diamond rings
Im not asking for the so called "perfect guy"
Just some who will be there for me if i need to cry
someone who will always care
someone who will lend a hand and will always be there*

First kiss
when u kissed me my whole body shook
i didnt know what to do
i didnt know where to look
i gently closed my eyes
and put my hands on ur face
and i felt my heart start to race
we looked at each other
and smiled in bliss
because u were my first real kiss

You said you loved me
I thought it was true
You said you wanted it to lat for ever
i did too
2 monthes later it was over
i sitll loved you
3 months after the break up
we found our love agian
it on;'y lasted for a day
you said i would see you again
you lied
Now it is more then a year later
I still love you
While your telling some other girl
you love her

He means so much to me i just wish he knew
because when im around him the skys a different blue
and when he talks to me my knees begin to shake
the last thing i want is another heartbreak
if he would love me like i do
i could tell him that i will always be true
but when i try to talk i just dont know what to say
because i know he doesnt feel the same way

you loved me
you loved me not
you loved me
and then told my friend she was hott
did u really love me
let me think
ummmmm..... NO!


We laughed&talked&had so much fun
but soon we will have none
we were such good friends & that u can't deny
but now we will have to say goodbye
i will miss u very much , even if i will still see u
becuz i know we won't be like we used to
you will go your way & i will go mine
but i will think about you all the time

*Frozen Tear*
Even though I said that final good-bye
Even though it was all up to me
I still cry
I still cry for when we were the best of friends
For the nights we spent together
And for what was never suppose to be
I cry not for u or me but because of what was never there
I cry for what was in my mind and how it will never be again
To stop crying is something I somewhat learned from u
Too many kisses led to the tragedy
Too many hugs that felt for nothing
Too many tears frozen just because of that one simple good-bye
Too many emotions defrosted because I stood up for myself and lost someone special
But that’s in the past and that’s where it needs to stay
Forever I will remember the frozen tear that meant so much to me and nothing to u
One more frozen tear cried and I will forever say my final good-bye.


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