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(20 Lines max length for poems)



I want to cry now
I really do
Im so sad and so blue
my grandmom passed on saturday
It made my family cry
She had to go sometime
But why now god, why?
Now we cant even talk
Or hug or kiss or even laugh
Im okay for now
Im gonna miss her so
But i told her once ill tell her again
I'll love you until the end
the love lives on
I'll miss you so much
Fly to heaven now Dorothy J.
You've got your wings
I'll get mine also some day
R.I.P Grandmom

You Yawn ;
A baby is born.
Your Tired;
Someone's fired
You try to sleep, your trying;
A little girl is alone in her room crying.
You start to dream, your flying;
Someone is also lying in their bed;

~Mountain Dew~

Mountain Dew tastes yummy,
Thats why I put it in my tummy.
I think it is very awesome,
Dont make fun of me u ugly opposume!
Did you know that it begins with "M"?
When I drink it it builds up flem.
So I think you should drink it too,
and then u should go buy a shoe!

~*Darts Through Hearts*~
you told me lies
you made me cry
but now those tears are done
I hope you had your fun
you are now about to break the heart of one close to me
but I already know that u cannot see
I will not let you damage her heart
or stab her only feelings for you with a dart
you hurt me and now it's about to be
My Best Friend
leave her alone
don't throw no stones
you broke my heart
pleez dont break another
just stay with her forever
if you disrespect her like you did to me
she will leave you ,you soon will see
i see her coming, shes mad
because I told you not to make her sad
she tells you "goodbye"
and you say "why?"
she says "because you were just being you
and I hate that too
cuz you are disrespectful to me
I do not know why that u cannot see"
so "goodbye" again she says to you
you realize now that you are through
I told you not to break her heart
but instead of listening,you threw the dart

~*~Why is life always so cruel?~*~
*Is life going to always treat me like a fool¿*
~Are you supposed to be sad all the time?~
*Is the world such a bad crime¿*
~Why does life always hurt?~
*It feels as if my face is getting pushed in the dirt*
~Life is a big puzzle that is hard to figure out~
*Would this place be fun¿ That I doubt!*
~Why does it seem to be comin to this?~
*Its as if everyword now adays is just a diss*
~Why does is feel like Ive been stabbed in the back?~
*Fears of life i still to lack*
~I do not want to live this life no more
*I just want to die, just drop down to the floor.*
~Sometimes i wish i could have a knife~
~*~But now i have realized this is the real world. This is LIFE!~*~


How can I explain ?
The feelings pushed deep down inside of me , with only me to blame
I really want to tell him ,but I can't find the words to say,
Please don't go away
He is all I think about , he is the one I love
Everynight I lay awake
Debating what to say
Should I say something before he goes away?
Days and days go by
And his time has come to part
I know I should tell him
What is really in my heart
But the coward that I am
Stands there with nothing to say
With a hug goodbye , he drive away
Tears rolling down my cheeks as I turn away
The boy next door is gone forever
But in my heart he'll stay forever


*u sed u didnt luv me
i kno that its not true
u cant live go on w/out me
or else ur life is blue
u sed that u didnt need me
i kno that its a lie
cuz if u didnt luv me
then i wouldnt cry*

~*In The Dirt*~
I feel your lips coming onto mine,
your hands touching my skirt,
then we fall I kiss your lips softly...
and leave you lying in the dirt!


Where do dreams hide?
Maybe by your bedside.
Somewhere maybe you could see.
Or in the sky flying free.
Or far away in a foreign land.
Or under your feet beneath the sand.
Dreams are everywhere, you see.
They are in you and me.
Dreams are like clouds in the sky,
For you can reach them if you try.
And they will never leave a day,
For dreams unfilled will always stay.

*U don't undastand the feelingz...
*That I had kept inside....
*This whole damn time.....
*Wen i finally got my chance wit u....
* Every thing went wrong....
*I wish I could be with you again...
*But not every1 getz that second chance....
*Even if we're not going to be 2gether...
*I'll luv u alwayz n foreva....

*Graduation is the day i will not say good bye,
*Graduation is the day i turn away and cry,
*All these years together have drifted by too fast,
*Please don't forget anyone that doesn't belong in your past,
*Keep them all in your future, still there holding on,
*Keep them all near your heart, where their never gone...

~*I loved you once...*~
~*You loved me not...*~
~*I loved you twice...*~
~*But then I thought...*~
~*You never loved me...*~
~*You never will...*~
~*But even so ...*~
~*I love you still.*~



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