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(20 Lines max length for poems)




You helped me laugh
because of you...
i have no fears.
Together we live
together we grow
teaching eachother
what we must know
You came into my life
and i was blessed
i love you friend
you are the best
release my hand
and say goodbye
please don't worry
i'll try not to cry
i promise you this
its not the end
because like i said
you are my friend!

i think i have a crush
it may be an obsession
some think it may be mush
but i want to be his possession

some say that his looks putrid
but he is what i think about
they think that i am stupid
but he is all i want

The People
The people who are there for me
The people who I want to see
The people who I can talk to
The people who will tell me ifi'm goin coo coo
The people who will help me when I cry
The people who will help me spy
The people who give me fashion advise
The people who will always act nice
These people are my friends you see
They will be there to the end with me

Soaring through the sky,
Watching the time pass us by,
Wind in our face,
Nothing in its place,
All or the world slipping away,
Moving slowly each and everyday,
Beautiful flowers growing in the grass,
Where to go,
No one knows,
Where should we be,
Only the future can see,
The ringing of the bells,
Can never tell us the tales.

I've got a crush on U,
I've had one since the day i met U,
I've only known U a year,
The thought of us together,
only brings me a tear,
because i know it will take a lifetime,
For U to finally see,
How much U really mean to ME

I miss you so much
Why’d you have to go?
You left in such a horrible way
The crash, the sound, the blow

Everyone’s still crying
They’re hoping it’s not true
Looking at old photos
Remembering everything of you

They play our song out loud
Tears start flowing from my eyes
As I walk up to your casket
And I start to say goodbye

My sweaty palms hold the key
You said it was to your heart
You promised that we’d be together
You said we’d never part

People say that I’ll find another
But I know that it’s not true
You were my first, and will be my only love
I’ll remember you in everything I do

~5 Months Later~
5 months later she still wonders why...
5 months later he kisses another goodbye.
5 months later she sits alone and cries...
5 months later he's still telling his lies.
5 months later she still cares...
5 months later he wouldn't dare.
5 months later she still thinks of him...
5 months later she cries... inside he slowly dies...

~*~*have u eva*~*~
have u eva just sat n cried
all because the one you love lied
have u ever wondered y should i try
when all that boy does is make me cry

have u ever just played your part
even though u knew he'd been cheatin on u from da start
have u eva loved somebody in every way
to da point u didn't know what to say

have u ever just came apart
because the one u loved played with ur heart
have u eva wished upon a star
but that wish never went very far

have u eva laid down at night
and thought why did i start that stupid fight
have u eva felt used
and all this time been confused

have u eva felt like giving up
when u had ur gurlz beside u alwayz cheering u up
r u tired of writing ur 1st name with his last
knowing it will neva be
~*~*~* me too *~*~*~

..:::My feelings for You:::..
My heart flutters,
My hands shake,
My feelings for you
are beyond heaven's gate,
Those feelings I have for
you are pure,
This I know for sure.
Without you I am incomplete,
Because your love for me is so sweet!!

Shunned by my own
They took away my few shining stars
All that's left are tears
And my heart's left with tears
I guess I'm not a part of what they call family

You tell me off, without remorse
Tell me to go to hell
And of coarse
No apologies as always

Might as well kill me
I'm useless to you
Not much left as you can see
You've taken it all
I've taken the fall
Now I crawl to my grave
To late to save

Paralyzed by the thought of tomorrow
Just please release my sorrow
It's too much to swallow
My soul is now hollow

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