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Computers: Hmm-well..it freezes up on me, it plays games w/me,& i can turn it on w/ a push of a button..yah! ~ pretty much call it a guy!!

Dance with ur heart, dance what you feel, that's when you know the dancer is real

roses are red, violets are black, if u don't love me, then i'll give U a smack!

U Be GoOd AnD aLl Be baD~ I'Ll GiVe U thA BeSt TiMe~ U evA HaD!.

WhY Iz iT tHaT eVeRyThInG U SaY MaKeS Me crY

-GuYs ArE lIkE pIaNo*S- WhAt U gEt OuT oF tHeM- DePeNdS oN hOw U pLaY tHeM-

You changed my world with just one smile, u took my heart with just one kiss.

I guess we'll never know...
exactly where this rivers gonna flow...
and I guess we'll never understand...
until we reach that promise land...

I wish that u made me happier than i was b4 but in reality u made me cry and u wont get anotha try!

*All you girls think you're tough...
Well all your stuff ain't that rough.
You think you know the deal...
But it's me & my girls who be keepin it real*

If you hate me why do you always make me the center of your world?

WhY dO tHeY CaLl It A FrEnCh KiSs If ItAlIaNs Do It ThE best ...

I Know That I Outta Find Someone New, But All I Find Is Myself, Always Thinking Of You!!!

When you like someone, you get over it.
When you love someone, there's no stopping.
When you die there's no coming back, so don't like, love.

Silence is golden...but shouting is fun!

Women Drivers - No Survivors - If You Don't Like The Way They Drive Get Off The Sidewalk!

Beauty is skin deep, but attitude is to the bone

"Night Night Knight" said the knight 2 the other knight "Night Knight Knight"

i ThiNk i'Ve aLrEaDy LoSt YoU
i tHiNk uR aLreAdy GoNe
i tHiNk i'M fiNaLLy ScArEd nOw
yOu ThiNk i'M wEaK, i ThiNk yOuR wRoNg

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It's means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

<3.Baby i know i've made mistakes but i wanna make it right so please just say you'll forgive me and be with me tonight<3

I cry everynite wishing u were mine, but when i talk to you, you make everything fine, You broke my heart and thats a true crime, All I wanted was for you to make time!!

When you fall into love, be prepared for the other person to fall out... most relationships DON'T last a lifetime!!

life is like soccer... you need goals!

Scientists say 1 out of every 4 people is crazy, check 3 friends, if they are okay, you're it.

**You know i wish you wouldnt lie to me , but some wishes dont come true!**

Some Kiss Behind The Garden Gate Cuz Luv Is Blind, But Neighbors Ain't

Know everyone you love but dont love everyone you know

when you judge others you dont define them you define yourself.....=)*

I wuz positive i wuz in love with you
I wuz positive it wuz true
What the heck am i supposed to do
You broke my heart in two

An answer to that nagging question............... I let the dogs out!!

..i kno u think im cute..
..i kno u think im fine..
..but like the rest of the guyz..
..take a numba and wait in line..

Don't Treat Me Any Differently Than You Would The Queen

YOuR my onE dream forever........
I'll hate you never
In my heart wherever
and I pray i'll be loved by u forever

Never wish on 1 star more than once cause your luck ALWAYS runs out!

*:*::* my X is back in my heart wut can i do?? Say I LUV U??*:*::*

I would give u the sun..... the moon....and all the stars in the sky, but 4 now, would u take all my love?

Hearts change--> i know they do! But apart of this heart will always belong 2 u!!!

My Boyfriend Kisses muCh BeTTeR then YourS

We are the people your parents warned you about!

EVIL is just LIVE spelled backwords

You came into my life sent down from heaven,
Now I think about you, 24/7.

I loved you once
you loved me not
I loved you twice
but I forgot
you never loved me
you never will
but even so
I love you still

nobody's perfect therefore i must be a nobody

Boys r like tissues......... soft strong and disposable

I'm gonna smile like nothing's wrong,
talk like everything's perfect,
act like it's just a dream,
and pretend he's not hurting me.

*X's AnD O's*
*Diamondz on mah toez*
*Diz LiL cutie has brand name clothes*

I wasnt kissing her i was checking for cavities!

~* Pain... is only wut u make of it *~

(Name) You've Changed! You've Gone From Hott To HOTTER!

~ SMART girls are more interested in having FUN than trying to look perfect~

Tell me if you love me....
. tell me if Its true...
Let me be your forever......
and 4 ever it will be me and you

Loves a two-way street and I think your car just died

I'm 32% hottie, 15% naughty, 28% fine, 23% that I bet ya wanna be mine, and 2% innocent. It all equals out to 100% of what your man wants!

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