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*~*Guys are like lollipops the sweet ones are always taken and the rest are sour*~*

Cheerleaders are happy, happiness sux
Cheerleaders clap, they look like ducks.
They think their all that and a bag o' chips!
Well actually there a bunch o' dits!!

ThAts Alright thas ok, i don't like u neway

`*~Love wasn't put in your heart to stay
Love isn't love till you give it away~*

never underestimate the power of blondes especally if there is more than one

you don't have to be smart to be a rocket scientist you just have to have a good imagionation

*If U LoVe Me Like U Say U Do...
*Prove 2 Me That Ur LOvE Is True...
*Say U LoVe Me N Hold My Hand...
*Tell Me That U'll always B My Man

To all my friends i luv u so..u give me all the strenght to grow ...a true friendship will never die unless it is all a lie.

*~* Half the people here envy me...and the other half...who cares?*~*

Sexy boy your so fine, I just might give you a try, I put your numba on my hand, Opps i 4got i have a man

*You Can Think Ur Prettier than Me..Its Okay to Lie to Yourself Everyonce in awhile!!*

oF Me iS HeRe YeT iS iN YeR HeaRT sO wHeRe Do i sTarT To TeLL YoU tHaT

{Name} is Hot, HOt, HOt. {name} is NOt, NOt, NOt! So get over me, u were MY eX, yur out of my LifE so ByE, ByE, ByE!

It's not called showing off, it's called you being mad because you can't do it!

*The sky has lost it's color*
*The sun has turned grey *
*At least that's how it feels to me*
*Whenever your away*

you know how people say that if you wish for something enough it will come true... well i've been wishing for you every night and you still arent here.


**~Boys say ur ugly boys say ur dirt, boys say all these things and expect them not to hurt, so next time u say it remember how we feel.....to u it may be a joke but to us its a big deal!~**

If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?

2 Y's U R
2 Y's U B
2 Y's 4 Me

I haven't found my Mr. Right Just Mr. Rude Mr. He thinks he looks better than me and Mr. Gives a new meaning to P-I-G

Life isn't a garden...so stop being a hoe!!!

*I'm NoT sHy, I jUsT dOn'T lIkE yOu*

wit an x and an o this lil chick has gots to go

BIrdY birdy in the sky why did u do that in my Eye, looks like sugar, taste like sap o my gosh its birdy cra*!


One day we'll wave Hello and wish we'd never waved Goodbye

Party hardy, friends 4ever, dance al night, we'll be 2gether,girls liek guyz, dudes liek chicks,- HAY- WE'RE THE CLASS OF 2006

*Never give up if u still wanna try*
*Never wipe your tears if u still wanna cry*
*Never settle for the answer if u still wanna know*
*Never say u don't like him if u can't let him go*

when i look at you, my heart skips a beat!

When you're arguing with an idiot, make sure that the other person isn't doing the same thing!

Love doesn't make the world go 'round, it just makes the ride worthwhile.

i look at u but ur lookin at her i guess 2 u, now im jus a blur

If you treat a woman like an object that is just wrong.
But if you treat an object like a woman that is just disgusting!

~1 day u luv me,then u don't,Then when u finnaly do, then I won't.~

* A GoOd gUrL Is hArD tO FiNd *
* A bAd gUrL iS hArd To ReSiSt*

*i MaY B BaD BuT iM pErFeCtLy GooD aT iT

iLL RiSk eVeRyThInG i haVe. .
iLL FigHt TiLL I bLeEd
GiVe yOu mY LiFe . .
iF tHaTs WuT yOu nEEd

you cant kill something that doesnt want to die

A gIrLs GoTa Do WhAt A gIrLs GoTa Do,
BuTa BoY GoTa Do WhAt A gIrL wAnTs HiM tO dO!!!!

I'm 98% BeAuTiFuL aNd 2% CrAzY... oR iS iT tHe OtHeR wAy 'RoUnD?

When all else fails, look cute

don't lie, cheat, or steal.. everything else is a go.

sometimes you need to run away to see who will follow you.

Be careful of what you say, friendship can end in one minute because of a stupid word.

3 ThiNGS In LiFe Sh0uLd NeVeR Be BroKen... ToyZ, PrOmiSes, and HeArTs.

Guys suck..but they're so DARN cute*!

its not easy being me..but it sure is funny watching people try

U thought U broke my heart, U thought U made my cry, I guess U know by now....NOT EVERY PLAYER IS A GUY!

  2 Friends
+2 Gether
=4 Ever!

I CrY fOr YoU aT nIgHt,
I nO uR Mr. RiGhT,
I sEaRcH fOr YoU iN dReAmS,
AnD I dOn'T kNow WhAt YoU tHiNk BoUt Me,
BuT iM bEtTeR tHaN i SeEm!

I called a guy once. He was busy and said he'd call back...he never did.
I called a guy twice. He still didn't call back...I know now that he never will.

if it weren't for boys, i'd quit school!

I hate you. I hope you die. You stole my boyfriend and made me cry.

i KnOw OuT ThErE ThErE iZ a PeRsOn FoR Me ... ThEn wHy aM i So bLiNd To See ThAt YoU aReN*t MeNt FoR Me?

hobbies: likeing guys i shouldnt like

wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo! this is the sound of the ambulance coming to get me cause ur so darn hott!!!

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