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i'M nOt SmiLiN At u !
i'M TrYiN nOt 2 LauGh!

~If you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret this day.~

roses are red violets are blue i'm skitzafranic and so am I!

The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.

I don't want you to love me
i don't want you to care
i don't want you wishing that i was there
If you really love and you do truly care
than stop spending nights wishing i was there

If u WaNnA gEt wiTh mE iN Mi GiRlz uLL hAvE fUn i BeT, bUt I mUsT WaRn yA, WeRe LiTtLe pLaYeTtS

*U broke my heart and made me cry.. Now repeat after me baby*Bye Bye Bye*

Just because two lips have met, it doesn't mean two hearts have joined

If love isn't a game, then why are there so many players who cheat?

Dont be mean unless you gotta!
If you gotta then be as mean as you can!

You always stop to stare, Why not just take a picture??

Boys are like taxi's whenever you need them their not there, whenever you don't their everywhere!!!!!

Dont SMILE my boyfriend will fall for it!!

I'm not a COMPLETE IDIOT, some parts are missing

if you truly cared for me you would do what is best for US!

You told me luv wasn't a game, so why did you play me fool!

Im sugar and spice and everything nice
so if you wanna kick it with me you best not have lice


~*~*~*CaNt NoBodY wHuP mEeH cEpT' mY mOmMa*~*~*~

If loving you's a crime, than I'm a criminal.
About to do some time unconditional..
the love I have for you. So please forgive me because my heart is true

50% HOTTIE () 20% Angel 310% Devil 20% Student

I will Forever LOvE You
I will FoReVer CaRe
I will FoReVeR lIvE MY life Wishing YoU Were There
and as for long as I live I will neva WaLk AwAY
aS long as YoU Promise me one thing..
If YoU Come to Me.. YoU wiLl stAy


StRuTiN OuR StUff ShAkIn OuR BoOtYiEz,Me n My GiRlZ,R LiL CuTiEz

Dawn to dawn dusk to dusk life's too short so party we must!

um...u r the bomb

aT FiRsT U DiDnT MeAn MuCh To Me BuT NoW u'R aLL i NeEd

if bein hott were a sport i'd be playin varsity

candy is sweet but mah kisses are betta

I can be ur Hunny, I can be ur Wife, But where the heck is my life?

Girls are better than boys
We all know it
Boys try to hard
But they still don't show it

hey,u why r u so mean.. now get out of my way b-4 i turn GREEN!!!!!!!

DoNt UpSeT mE iM rUnNiNg OuT oF pLaCeS tO hIdE dA bOdIeS

always be yourself because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind

dang girl, you got an onion booty......so damn good it makes me want to cry!

<3 Love isn't finding a perfect person, it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly <3

*Should I Love Who I Wanna Love Or Love Who My Friend Says To Love?*

This is an "A, B" conversation, so "C" your way out!

I'm 2 lazy
2 add
2 numbers
2gether so
4get it

Ya i fell for you
You triped me
But geuss what
I got back up!!

2 luvers 2 be 2 gether 4 ever = 10der love

normal people worry me

If u luv someone don't be afraid to tell them becuz it just might happen

Sometimes a dog runs the wrong squirrel up the right tree!

Sometimes you have to honk your own horn cause if you dont no one will know

Insanity is just anger put to good use!

^ tO aLL tHe gUrLz tHaT cAnT CoMpArE^
^nO oNe SaiD LyFe wUz fAiR^

Love can conquer anything
Accept for my fist
So before i take a chance on you
I gotta make sure u aint hea jus to get me pissed
So if ya gonna get with me dont break my hear
So then I wont have to tear yours apart

If someone gives you so-called good advice, do the opposite; you can be sure it will be the right thing nine out of ten times.

*SoMeDaY YoU WiLl Be SoRrY, SoMeDaY WhEn YoU'rE FrEe, MeMoRiEs WiLl ReMiNd YoU, ThAt U CoOd Ov BeEn WiT Me*

You can't defeat your Fears, if you dont put up with the Tears!

I dont lie my mouth does it 4 me

sexy, sweet, hard to beat
pretty kewl rule this school
knock um dead with ure looks
were popular and got them hooked

sweet as candy
hotter then fire
im describing the boy
that i admire

If You Blame Others For Your Failures, Do U Credit Them For Your Achievements??

Some people get lost in thought
because it's such unfamiliar territory

i told my dad i stopped raising hell and he called me a quitter !!!!

In life, only one person gets to shine, so move outta my way, you're blocking my light!

wo wo wo wo wo wo the police are comin cause im so hyper!

TrUe LoVe CoNnOt Be FoUnD WhErE It DuZn'T ExIsT, NoR CaN iT bE HiDdEn WhErE It DuZ!!

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