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An open mind is good.................. so is an open window, but we keep a screen over it to keep all of the bugs out.

*:. my mom told to me never take candy from strangers, but strangers have the best darn candy! .:*:.

*I luv him,o yes I do, hes for me not for u, and if by chance u take my place, I'll take my fist and smash your face!!!

Guyz~If they do something right, they neva do it again. If they have to do something again, they neva do it right.~

YoU cAN cOmPLAiN b'CuZ rOSeS haVE thORnS, oR yoU CaN rEJOicE b'CUZ thORnS HaVE rOSeS.---

~*If u mess with the best, you'll go down with the rest.*~

TGIF~ Thank God Im Female

i nOe @ GrAdUaTiOn DaY Im GuNnA CrY iTz b/C i nOe i FoUnD FrEnDz DaT R TrU TiLL i DiE

GO Ahead cry a river and i will build u a bridge to get ova it

~*~*Friends are 4ever,
Guyz are whatever,
When worst comez 2 worst,
My girlz come 1st!*~*~

Gotz ta go. . luv ya though

~*Boys are bad, throw rocks at them all*~

*DiDjA kNoW tHaT iM iNvIsIbLe?.....BuT oNlI wHeN nO-1's ArOuNd*

~*I'm Just Like Heaven...Every1 Wants 2 Get 2 Me*~

"I just realized it's so lonley being free"

"Nights are too long and I'm cold here without you"

Instead of shoving weeds in my face try roses!!!

When my last teardrop falls,
I will stand tall,
And keep all our memories,
And all of what used to be.

¤i HaVe A bLaCkBeLt In ShOpPiNg¤

(Name) and (name) were born ta shine
while da rest of yaz are borderline

You took the "L" outta LOVER and now its "over"

I play the game. I Play it Smart my energy comz from da Heart I use my head I move my Feet dont mess w/ me I'm 1OO% AThlete!

~*!*~your as fake as press on nails~*!*~

Treat me like an angel and I'll be your lil devil!

God made men first, because every great master piece needs a sloppy copy

tears are unspoken words

Go find a straw, cuz you suck!

You told me not to talk to you
So I told myself not to cry
But not talking to you for dayz
Just makes me wanna die!

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you care
Even if you're lying,
Thats what I need to hear

Where honor dies, Defeat lies

The greatest power is the power of goodbye

I love him so much that it turns to hate.......

Go away ....I have enough friends already

I think it's werid when i love you,
I think it's werid when i care
I think it's werid when i want you,
when you dont even know i am there

What happens if you get scared to death....twice?

~*~ Don't turn your back on your friends... Because it's the best target. ~*~

I'm Blonde, what's ur excuse?

__Perhaps , Angles Have No Names Only Pretty Faces__

~*InTeRnEt BoYz*~
*ThEy SeEm AlL hOt N fLy*
~*BuT gUeZz WuT*~
*tHeY aLl TelL lIes*

*Learn the rules...then break them*

Cry your heart out, let it all go. Cuz remember, after every tear, comes a rainbow!

Fact: If you ever hurt me...you get it back 10 times worse...

Before you decide to live by the "early bird" policy,
find out whether you're the bird or the worm.

- lower the lid, ladies present.....a wet behind is most unpleasent!

Adam said to god "god can you make me a partener" god said it will cost you an arm and a leg! adam said, "what can i get for a rib?"

****an error isnt a mistake until u refuse to correct it!!****

love is like a book......if you tear a page, you rip the heart...and have to pay for both!

theres a total diffrence between meh and yew
i have skill and u have problems

I was blind before but i opened my eyes and realized your words are just a bunch of lies.

if you kiss a toad and it becomes into a prince, i've kissed tons of guyz whens it gonna happen

Can i get directions to you heart, I'm kinda lost in ur eyes.

If YoU cAn'T tAkE tHe PaIn, DoN't PlAy ThE gAmE

Monkeys are cute and fuzzy,
Boys are cute and lazy!

My Friends are like my clothes i just can't get enough of them!!

*SuRgEoN GeNeRaL WaRniNg*
*fLiRtiN WiT Me MaY LeAd 2ExTrEmE iNFaTuAtiOn *
*& iN SoMe CaSeS UnBeLiEvEaBLe pLeAsUrE*

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