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*Sometimes I dream about being caried off by a big giant squirrel.
Does that make me a nut?*

I thought that U+ME=Never, but it turned out that it meant 4ever

u kno what? u need to call 1-800 get-a-life and stop revolving around mine!

If I kiss him will he stop talking?

Why do free thinkers all think alike?

~Rosez r red
Violetz r blu
Suga iz sweet
but revenge iz 2~

Do you come with a instruction manual cuz ur confussin me!

..::It Takes Both Rain And Sunshine To Make A Rainbow::

Women are stupider than men, because we date them.

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

Does the noise inside my head bother you?

i WeNt FrOm CaNdY aNd ToYz
2 CeLlPhOnEz AnD bOyZ

Can i borrow you library card because i'd like to check you out!

~*u DoNt DeSeRvE Me
i KnOw ThAt ItS TrUe,
bUt I WaNt u So bAd..
WuT Do I Do*~

~Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow; we must fail in order to know.
Sometimes our vision clear only after our eyes are washed away with tears.

You! off my planet

Yes, girls are right.
Men are a bunch of dogs.
Alot are really cute!
Tons of fun to play with
We keep all of them company.
And without us they would
be miserable and bored.

I love not being you :)

did u know ur smart?
smart as a cucumber on wheels!

Always remember your unique, just like everyone else!

* being with you is like fallin thro a deep dark hole, but in that hole i find something special, a treasure to behold*

Just cause your not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

Its worse than you think, they ARE out to get you!

It's not "When Wild Animals Attack!"
It's more like "When Stupid People Get Bit!"

When the officer says: "Gee son you're eyes look red have you been drinking? respond:” Gee officer your eyes looks glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?”

Life is like the number 8, it goes on and on and has its turns.

They say a picture is worth a thousond words,
but when i looked at yours, i couldn't say anything!

If u didn't have feet would u ware shoe's? Then why do u ware a bra???

If life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a watergun
and squirt it into other peoples eyes!

There are a lot of fish in the sea...but some of them are sharks

**Judge your boyfriend on how he treats your bestfriend!!**

hE lUVs Me LUvS mE nOt ;
If He DoEsNt He JuSt BrOkE mY hEaRt!!!!!!!

if somene says something back to you, say
" I've heard better combacks from a turkey sandwich"

With a Wink and A kiss...
im Sry 2 announce but thys lil hottie haz got to BoUnCe...
so with an X and an O (name) out like wo!

Love is like money, everyone wants it, its great when you have it, but it
disappears really fast!


I'm not ignoring you, you're just insignificant!

~Day by day, nothing seems to change but pretty soon, everything's different~

Sometimes you lose, but you're gonna win if you just hang in

Don't look for the light at the end of the tunnel, go light it yourself.

I should call the police cuz you stealin my heart!


I wAs WiTh HiM sO lOnG, I gReW tO bE sO sTrOnG,
nOw wErE nOt ToGeThEr, I'm WeAkEr ThEn EvEr

i try not to let school interfere with my social life

i knew the something was wrong when my imagonary friends would not play with me

*Today I Love U More Than Yesterday,
but Not as much as Tomorrow*

You do not love someone under the condition that this person would love you back

*~Don't ask God for a easy life,
ask him to make you a strong person~*

why are you red and surrounded by fire
oops i got you confused with the deman

I'm not crazy!!... Im a teen!!

If a moron holds a cow by the ears a clever man can milk it.

You're just jealous cuz the little voices talk to me

If love is fun, why arent you smileing?

*This is a taco-burrito conversation, NACHOS*

ur life is just like a math book, u both have problems

?¿wht happend to u cross da street wit out looking?¿

~!~*~*~!!ThE sCaRiEsT ThiNg iN yOu LiFe iS To WaKe Up
WheN Ur oLd N ReaLiZe YoU NeVeR ReaLLy LiVeD~!~*~*~!~

Isn't having a smoking section in a resturaunt sorta
like having a peeing section in a pool??

~* dOn'T bE sO oPeN mInDeD ThAt YoUr BrAiNs FaLl OuT~*

tormented by my beauty?

Four important words in life: CHEAT, LIE, STEAL, DRINK.
If you CHEAT, cheat death. If you LIE, lie about your age.
If you STEAL, steal someone's heart and if you DRINK, have one with me!

Boyz r great........ Every gurlz team needs a waterboy!

I believe in dragons,
good men, and other fantacy creatures!

My heart is lost~ im off 2 find it.
once i do, i gotta bind it.
cuz if i dont then it'll be a mess
my luv 4 u will pour out and then there'd b less.

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