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*~LoViNg HiM wAsN't ThE pRoBlEm,
GeTtInG tO cLoSe WaS ~*

NeVer Underestimate the power of BEST FRIENDS,
especially when they're TOGETHER

if at first you dont suceed maybe failing is your thing

if your nose runs and your feet smell,
you're built up-side-down

~*~ Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
Life is short
so PARTY we must!! ~*~

~*! Thats what u say,
now what are u thinking?!*~

YoU cOnFuSe Me...

dOn'T tRy 2 FigUrE mE ,
jUst lUv mE.


WhY r So MaNy GuYz PLaYaHz?
Do ThEy ThInK tHeY cAn WiN tHaT wAy?

God made special people
and I am one of them~~~

I thought I loved you, but I guess I didn't, Love makes no sense.

Don't hate tha star Hate the fame!

~*~EveryOne Deserves To Feel Pretty...
So Leave Me Alone~*~

It's hard to answer the question
-What's wrong?- when nothings rite

If I kiss him, will he stop calling me names????

i'm so great, i'm jealous of myself

ChEeRlEaDeR(n.): An AtHlEtE wHo CaN jUmP, kICk,
ToSs, CaTcH, sTuNt, tUmBlE, aNd FlY!!

jUsT bEcAuSe i LiVE iN tHe cItY
dOeSn'T mEaN i'M nOt wIlD!

i love rainbows i love rain
i love u and ...........
um i forgot the rest but i think ur hot

?¿if u say u had the best dream last night
then how come (name) wasn't in it?¿

i cRiEd tOdAy.. nOt bEaCaUsE i mIsS yOu..
oR eVeN wAnTeD yOu bUt bEcAuSe
i fInAlLy rEaLiZeD iM gOnNa bE AlRiTe wItH oUt yOu

Does anybody actually got milk???

Life doesnt suck totally...
we just havent gotten to the good parts yet...

When your ready to look into the eyes
of true love, it turns its head

Mistakes are made, you pay for them..
then you do it again

I planted some bird seed. A bird came up.
Now I don't know whut I should feed it.

He can take away my trust, pride, and courage
but he will never take away my good looks

I only cheer on two occassions....DAY and NIGHT

-:- If HeAveN iS MiSsIn An AnGeL
ThEn I MuSt Be aLiVe -:-

DiD iT lOoK LiKe I cArEd?¿?....
OoPs LeT mE tRy AgAiN!

Why do BOY bands sound like GIRLS?

7/5th of all people do not understand fractions.

Why do they call it 'French Kissing'
if Americans do it the best?¿?

LoVe Me NoW, oR lOvE mE nEvA,
bUt If U lOvE mE, lOvE mE 4-eVa


*if ur HeArT is in ur dReAm,
then no request is too extreme*

swimming is 10% chlorine and 90% intesnsity

Today i came upon an angel,
i tapped him on the shoulder,
he turned around and it was you!

~*~Dont hate this girl, hate that one~*~

*.:.Don't flatter yourself....I was looking at your friend.:.*

live free, die proud.
have fun, play loud!

-It's ok to care about what you look like,
but obsessing over it can make little flaws seem huge-

Dont interupt me when I'm talking to myself.

The voices in my head don't like you.

Kitten (kit'n) n: Soft, cute, playful with fangs and claws.

**guyz are nothing without their gurlz,
gurlz are everything without their guyz**

My BoYfRiEd SaId ThAt If I CrUsHed
On 1 mOrE gUy He'LL LeAvE mE!¡!
mAn I sUrE aM gOnNa MiSs HiM!¡!¡

Im so cool i make ice jealous.
Im so hot, fire dont stand a chance.

love is beauty and beauty is TRUTH!

i might be sexy
i might be sweet
but without you im incompelete

Hey look on the bright side...
not everyone hates you as much as i do..

WhEn i WaLk By Ur AsKiN Ur Boy,
iS sHe PrEtTiEr DeN mE!?
GoT DeM GuYz SaYiN UmM,

~~~**Cry me a river, build me a bridge,
then do us all a favor and jump off it!!**~~~

OMG! You killed (name)!!! How much do I owe u?

~*¤~§isorz, ¶lastic, Tweasers, Oopz~*¤~

~Hello, have we met b4?- Oh thats right I've seen ur
picture in the dictionary beside DANG!~

There's a lot of fish in the sea
But you're the only one 4 me

Not all guys are players, but all players are guys,
and their favorite game is to make you cry.

I ReFuSe 2 sTaR iN YoUr PsYcHoDrAmA

Never say you love me...
Cuz for me love doesn't last forever!

Is it my imagination, or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?

kute enuf to make you look twice
sweet enuf but not too nice
a lil crazy but not too wild
the kinda grl that`ll make ya smile:)

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