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Sometimes you have to sacrifice LOVE,
just to save a FRIENDSHIP.

When god made me he was just showing off

A small mind and a big mouth
are usually found in the same place.

I lie all the time - infact Im lieing right now

* Is our love Questionable? *

--Love is when u cant pay attention in class--
--cuz u foreva writin ur first name wit his last--

never slap a guy.....
if he does anything to desevre a slap,
just give him an all out beating!

*~If it looks like a duck,
smells like a duck,
and quacks like a duck,
then it is not a dog!!~*

REMINDER: hating me won't make you pretty!


Did I ever tell u your my hero.........I didnt???

You're not a dog, STOP drooling over me!!

ThEy SaY (NaMe) iS A PiRaTeS TrEsURE

ATtItUdE OuT Of CoNtRoL!!!!!!

(Name) is slower then a herd of turtles
stampeding through peanutbutter.

*Guys, u cant live with them,
but they wont go away!*

LoVe..... WhO nEeDs It?!

I N V U 4 U R A Q T

JuSt BeCaUSe LiPs HaVe MeT
DoESn't MeAn HeArTs HaVe JoInEd

~*~ I love...ummm lets see...basketball!
u thought i wuz ganna say u! to bad!!!~*~

NeVeR sAy U hATe HiM
iF u CaN't LeT gO oF HiM!

If a man says something when
no one is around is he still wrong?

You broke my heart into pieces,
so now its my turn to break something of yours.

~Don't worry, I won't miss you TOO much....
~You'll be in my dreams!!!~

~*~Your as fake as a 3$ bill!!!!!!!!!~*~

~*~i wanna die lik mah grandpa,
peacefully in hiz sleep,
not screamin n' yellin like the passengers in his car~*~

Today was tomorrow yesterday

How do u know if it's right?
and if it is right........
what if u've already let him go?


Caution: Boyz Are Dangerous!!!!

kindness is in our power,
even when fondness is not

One minute I am his girl.........
the next my best friend is his girl!

my boyfriend is an idiot...............but I love him anyway


its funny how a heart is two tear drops upside down

If you HoLd mY haND ....
HoLD It TiGhT caUse WheN yoU LeT GO...
OuR LOve HaS BeeN LosT..

yoU CauGhT mY eYe...
CAn i HAvE iT baCk PleASe?

People say life is short. I say I'm shorter.

*~!@#$~* Not You, Not Now, Not EVER *~!@#$~*

? DonT AsK Me HarD QuEsTiOnS ?

~!~!~Calm your nerve~!~!~!

GuYz R sOo MiSsLeADiNg...
ThEy LEaD u To ThInK tHeY lOvE u....
WhEn ReAlLy>> ThEy DoNt CaRe....

Always wear cute pajamas to bed
you'll never know who u will meet in your dreams

I will always luv u, but that don't mean I always like u

love will die if held too tightly
love will fly if held too lightly.

....... stuff happens .......

Don't fall in luv wit da illusion,
illusions r confusin, b in luv wit da reality!

I dOnT nEeD 2 dReAm - I gOt U !!

When it hurts to look back and
you are scared to look ahead,
look beside you and I will be there

f prm to m裏 ou wll yu go w ?!

A smile is worth a thousand words,
but cant we say the same about a frown?

I look at you and think to myself,
why do i miss you so much when
you are standing right next to me?

You keep bringing up the past...
and I keep hoping for a future.

DoN't WeAr A fRoWn, iTs NeVeR iN sTyLe...

Life isn't over just bcuz u got dumped

*~Sooner than u think~*
*~I'll be back in a wink!~*

DO NOT mess da hair,
I love my hair and I dont want it to b messed up!

I was afraid to love you forever,
but when I did, I lost you forever.

(name) your lips keep on moving
but all I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah

so with a touch of my hair
and a twist of my hips
this lil angel is gone with a kiss

I CaN't HeLp It... GoD MaDe MeEh ThIs SwEeT!

+*^^*+ Life is a game - play it - enjoy it - win it +*^^*+

I wanted to stop !!
** I just couldn't **
How can I ?
..:. I was addicted .:..

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