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He loves me he loves me not.....wait what do i care

Im liveing prof that blonds can bee smarrt!

100% to much girl for you!

You may be hott
but I want some one
with a great personality

~ Ducks go..Quak
~ Cows go..Moo
~ I go.. BRB

be original
be kind
get all
that you can find

if you want to go faster get a racecar!!!!


If I didn't say it don't assume it

Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
Kiss me three times
and i juss might bite!!!


Live on no evil (read it backwards ppl)

~*~ Excuse me, but my friend wants to know if you think I'm hot ~*~

Working hard for something you want
is better than wishing for it

It Finally Happened,
That special someone I love,
loves me too!


Smoking can really kill a person......
(Name) should try it someday!!!

Dropt on me hed wen I wuz a kid!

The ones closet to you are
the ones that hurt you the most.

*Soccer isn't just an obsession...Its Life!*

A cheap thrill is still a thrill.

im only a dog bcuz im faithful and loyal

u got the Drama mama

I hate (name)! Wait...thats not very nice-
I DISLIKE (name) VERY greatly!

I would tell you the truth but it would make you cry

If you can't say something funny about someone, don't say anything at all.


I don't know what makes her so dumb,
but it really works.

Organized people are just 2 lazy 2 look 4 things

Before love my heart was a black hole.
After love, I didnt have a heart.
Im not sure which is better

Love me if u want
Like me, thats fine
But if i turn u down
Take a numba and get in line

so much attitude to little time !!!!!!!

~*~when da world is hating jus take it all in..
.it might be worth something one day~*~

I fell 4 you, I was so blind
thought you were the nicest guy I'd eva find

Â!žumbody c┴rež ąou Óre Ôl´ve ▀▄t it žure ísn`t me!Â

~~**you can always start liking someone over and over again**~
~~** but you can never stop loving someone**~~

*Life is like a popsickle when it melts
just try and freeze it back!*

Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes you better!

R U A Q T ? IF U R MY # IS .....

A sharp tongue can slit its own throat.

When a lie gets passed around enough,
it doesn't become the truth but everybody believes it.

Who says God isn't a woman?

With you....it'z all about speed...no technique !!!

a b c d e f g
h i j k l m n o p
q r s t v w x y z
Opps! I've missed 'U'

Pobodies Nerfect.

Even tho he was temporary,
our memories are forever.

one by one the garden nomes slowly steal my sanity

~*~Im living real scandalous
But i think i can handle this~*~

Curiousity didn't kill the cat...
curiousity made the kittens!

Good Times
Bring Back
Good Memories

~*(NaMe) Is So OfF mY bUdDy LiSt!*~

Do not go where the path may lead.
Instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.

boys r like scissors
they cut u real deep

If nothing changed,
there'd be no butterflies

*When life closes a door.
it opens a window..so jump*

*I do it because I can*
*I can because I want to*
*I want to because you said I couldn't*

100% cute!!! 100% sexy!!! 100% perfect!!! 100% modest!!!

YoU dOnT hAvE tO bE a PlAyA tO bE iN tHe GaMe!!!!!

*I swear I wasn't talking to him, we were flirting.*

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