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People don't change things, things change people.

Sometimes I think the person who made up tennis was right...
love doesnt count for nothing!

Just when I think this is as good as it gets, you go and make it better

My mind doesn’t just wonder, some time's it leaves completely.

SeVeN dAyS wItHoUt SoCcEr MaKeS oNe WeAk!

shop till u drop then find some hott guys to help you up!

curiorsity killed the cat, but it dosent seem to harm us!

Love is like war.... easy to start hard to end

I live for the nights that i wont remember, with the friends i will never forget!

r u really gonna remember to stop drop and roll when ur on fire?

Its hard to hate u
i love u!


*~!!!ThAnK- YoU CaPtIaN ObViOuS!!!~*

*-*I uSeD tO hAvE a HaNdLe On LiFe, BuT tHeN iT bRoKe*-*

To be the man you've got to beat the man

I'm not here to listen just to criticize.

~*~I'd like to help u out. Which way did u come in?~*~

Either face the music or turn off the radio

i dont know what your problem is
but i bet its hard to pronounce

u seem like a sweet person...
mind if i lick you to find out

Play hard are go home

~If time heals all wounds, then why don't they make clock bandaids?~

Pain is just weakness leaving tha body

It is better 2 b ki$$ed by a fool,
than 2 b fooled by a ki$$

~people say i am too young to fall in love,
guess i look younger than i am?~

Angel or Devil?? U Decide!


~I wish i was barbie that brat has everything~

*... The Course of True Love never did run smooth...*

always remember--when a guy sweeps you off ur feet
he is in the perfect position to drop you on your butt

Im the kind of person my parents want me to stay away from

Sometimes there is no time outs,
no second chances
somtimes its now or never

~*~If u were 1/2 as smart as u thought u were
u would b 2x smarter then you really are~*~

God Gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth
so we could listen twice as much as we talk

:(Love is like a telephone, it's sooo phony:(

Don't spit into the wind ... Trust me on this one!

do u have a map?
i keep on gettin lost in ure eyes!

A wise man once said,"I don't know go ask a woman"

Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow


emagine what i caoould do
if i had all my brain cells

An angel without it's wings,
is just a friend in disguise.

lets discuss right and left, your right, i left

u remind me of a lollipop b/c u play like a sucker

I'm NOT full of balogna,
I'm full of pancakes!

Why is cheating considered cheating....
Couldn't it just be considered couriosty...

Just when u think life is an uphill struggle,
everything goes downhill

<3~*Love...it's unexplainable...*~<3

He who gossips to you gossips about you.

I ate my homework cuz it was a piece of cake

Only one shopping day left until tomorrow....

*~* I wasn't kissing him again...I just was gettin my gum back *~*.

i refuse to answer that question
on the grounds that i don't know the answer.

As sweet as i am u r ten times sweeter, by far

(name), I love you so mu-......Wow! a bird!

I'm always behind the scenes... never the star <3
I'm always the friend... never the girl <3

I'm A Girl. Your a Guy. Need anymore Clues?:.

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