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~*~ thErES nO I iN uGlY, bUT tHErES a U ~*~

SAve It For a TaLk ShOw ......... NoboDy CarEs!!

Lazy people should start a club, but they are too lazy!

~*~sometimes stupid people do smart things~*~

All i need is three things in life:
1) a basket
2) a ball
3) some one to embarrss

No Questions Just Results

If u try to chase two rabbits at once you'll end up losing them both

Aww now i feel all warm n fuzzy inside... but then again.. i just ate a live squirrel!

*Break is the first word of Break Up*

Excuses always run out, but questions neva stop comin

Read my lips: olive juice.

If you're looking for a sign...STOP

If you could read my mind...you'd be the 2nd smartest person on earth

What time is it on Mars?

*if MOTHS like THE light SO much, WHY do THEY come OUT at NITE?*


It's so simple to be wise.
Just think of something stupid
to say and say the opposite.

The question is not Who am I
it's Am I who I am?

Due to the lack of funding the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off!!

a little cow wonders......"what will become of me with a name like patty?"

great minds think alike, especially when they are female!!!

you should clean your room...YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR BRAIN!

(Read this backwards)
emit ruoy gnietsaw tsuj mi zoc siht daer ot qniyrt rehtob t’nod

pedestrian is just another word for speedbump

hard work pays off later, lazyness pays off now!

my goal: stop beating up boys

Ddi Yuo Konw Taht Yuo Olny Ndee Teh Fsirt Ltter of a Wrod to Raed it, Hwo Starm Aer we!?!

mary had a little lamb...........and the doctor almost fainted

If I could hold a star for everytime you made me smile,
I would have the night sky in the palm of my hands

When I saw I thought u were cute but after we kissed I thought u were h0t!!!

..she looks into the mirror..
little black rivers pour from her eyes..
and she whispers.."so unperfect"..

I promise the only way i'll ever hurt you
is by squezzing your hand too tight <33333

She has bite marks one her tounge
from the things she never said

Friends? (about to shake other persons hand) ..get some.

~*~The early bird gets the worm...
But the late rising worm lives! ~*~

STAR is RATS backwards....
did that change your perstective?

The dark makeup I wear…is none of your concern.

*~*Don’t fall in love at your age…or your heart will break in two*~*

You say Phsyco like it's a bad thing

^^^Mess with the cat.....
^^^You get the claws....

If it's too loud....you're too old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If a stranger offers you a peice of candy take two!

*1950's called~they want their hairstyle bak!!!*

~**~I dont repeat gossip,
so listen carefully the first time~**~

I dont need glasses... i can squint just fine thank you!

if i had a lithp, would you still love me?

Cheap thrills really can be worth something!

She has no regrets...yet

Why does my alphabet soup always spell redruM?

LOST SOUL. reward offered. no questions asked.

no matter how high you climb,
you can always trip and fall...

sexy hips, luscious lips, is there a guy who is worthy of this?

When all else fails lower your standards!

Yeah, trust is a big thing in friendship, but so is forgiveness.

No one is perfect......so I guess i must not really exist!!!!

*~* life is short... buy pink shoes *~*

"When I leave, I'll give her a dozen roses, and tell her I'll be back before any of them die."

Life gave me paths and i chose yours

Love... I put so much faith in it

When life get's confusing...just smile and nod

how do you know when someone loves you?
when they are not afraid to tell you!!!

-Fall 7 times, stand up 8...

a good friend is someone who helps u up when u fall, a best freind is someone who laughs a trips u again!

~*~WhAtS bEtTeR? a LiE tHaT dRaWs A sMiLe Or ThE tRuTh ThAt DrAwS a TeAr?~*~

**We'Re NoT StArInG aT yOu, We'Re sTaRiNg At ThE gUy BeHiNd yOu!!**

geazZ...give a mouse cheese and he'll want a knife~

*You'll Never See The View, If You Dont Live On The EDGE*

Is He WoRtH tHe HiGh PhOnE BiLL?????

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