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don't drink water... fish make love in it!!!

~Date a runner, everyone else is just a playa~

Stop!! im callin the police cuz ur breakin the law!!
only pretty people can hang wit me!!

he broke my heart...
so i put it back together again...
with glue...

a heart: once loved, once broken, once torn,
once taken, once trusted, once exposed, once open, never closed

lots of laughs, fights, good times, and bad times, boyfriends,
girlfriends, fashion and fun, cliques, friends, jokes and drama,
but we'll be together until the end cuz were the class of 2010

Best friends are EVERYTHNG...without them you have NOTHING

You say I shouldn’t cry. But how can I not when I’ve just realized that I almost lost you?

loving him is good.......but luving u is betta

***You say the wordz "I Love You" like i say the word "Like". Do you mean it as much as i do?***

yeah me & my girls,
we dont turn heads. oh no,
we break necks.

Smile... because when you don't -- it worries me
Smile... because when you do -- it makes all worries go away

How can you miss someone after they hurt you so bad.

Silly blondes,
Brains are for brunettes

*~* theres not an i in team-- but there is a u in suck *~*

uf cowrse eye gradewayted frum hawford unifurseety..kaynt yew teyl?

I don't know if it's drugs your taking...or drugs you need to be taking...but you need to get some help...

The OnLy 7 DiGiTs YoU'LL Be GeTTiN IS 1234567!!!!

if bein hott is a crime........ arrest me

If Cheerleading were any easier it would be called breathing.

*~*God made mudd, God made dirt, God made Guys, So chicks can flirt!!*~*


If nothing lasts forever will you be my nothing?

~Love is like playing the piano. First you must go by the rules. Then you
must forget the rules and play from the heart.~

Its hard to hold a conversation when I'm holding him and loving you

~*tHRE aINt A i IN TeAM BT ThRe IZ a mE*~

It took me three hours to bury the cat yesterday...
Dang thing wouldn't stop moving!

24 hours-----24 beers in a case---coincidence?

if u aint stickin ur knifes in me, u will b eventually.....

If love is Stupid, then I Stupid you

just because he doesn't love u the way u want him to doesn't mean he
doesn't love u with he has!!!

If Drama was Beer..then schools would be wasted!

lips like roses, kisses like honey, and love like eternity

Im busy now. Can i ignore you some other time?

$@y It Don't Spr@y It!

*~*¤Don't talk bout urself, I'll do that 4 u¤*~*

A pencil breaks, but an eraser lives to tell the tale.

~~~~~~~~~\o/~~~~~~~~~ HELP ME I'M dROwNING

if we wernt spose to eat animals......why are they made out of meat ?¿?

did you hear about the kidnapping?....he woke up!

Have a little FAITH in me...

Steer clear of boys~they'll wreck your life!

~ women are meant to be loved... not understood~

When you feel like letting go, remember why you held on for so long...*

my life is like a puzzle board, and your that last piece, without you my life would be incomplete

live is a choice, luv is a privelage

guys are like bananas..the peels go bad but the insides will always stay the same

People are to be loved,toys are for playing with.

you asked me what was wrong, and i smiled and said nothing, then i trend around and said everything..

"It seems like, I'm the one you love to hate."


Love is the most complicated word in the dictionary

Freinds Are The Only Family You Can Choose...So Choose Wisely.

Boy you better make your move before i move on =(

If YoU LoVeD Me ThEn YoU WoUlD CaLl Me WhEn YoUr SoBeR

I know I love you...The problem is you don't.

I have seen her die but have never walked in on her dead.

Love starts off good,
Then gets bad,
Then love gets great ,
And ends up sad....

Regret what you say or do to me now because tomorrow i could be dead or gone with no returning......

You are my moon my sun and my star don’t bother to hide behind a cloud

You can have ur cake and..Wait .Hey thats my cake!

why do things happin as they do in dreams and reality¿

I'm going to smile like nothings wrong,
Talk like every things perfect,
Act like it's just a dream,
And pretend he's not hurting me.

Im not asking for forever or even tonight, I just need a minute of your time

life is too short, laugh till you cry, smile till your cheeks hurt,
cry till you realize its not worth it, but most importantly,
love till it makes you laugh, smile and cry cause it feels so good.

[[when i see you smile]]

Love is passonate, love is great, im in love.. so dont HATE!!<3

LOVE can hurt you, make you cy, tear your heart into pieces....
and yet everyone wants to be in it.

I'll punch you in the ovaries!!!

2 Good
+ 2 Be
4 Gotten

In the day i cant stop thinking about you, at night all i ever do is dream
about you.. maybe its because i love you!

* Love is the biggest promise you can make, and the worst one you can break *

its not easy to be a princess...

If I grew a flower for everytime I thought of my mother,
and the memories we had, I could walk in my garden forever.

Does an innocent man keep poison in hand?

Heaven wont have me, and Hell is afraid I'll take over....
So I guess im stuck here!

If you want to run with the big dogs stop p00pin' like a puppy!


I maB *crazy* but it doesn't stop me *luvin* u!!

blink of an EYE change of a GUY

Baby...Baby...Take me away all the way to the STARS!!

~*~I am whats healthy for you~*~

Every beginning has an end.

Weakness is not a tear in your eye, but a hole in soul.

party hardy friends forever
guys like girls
always feel like you're in heaven
hey we're the class of '07

told me yooh loved me, why did yooh leave me all alone?

Don't ever lie, steal, cheat, or drink...
But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love!
If you must Steal away from bad company!
If you must Cheat, Cheat death!
And if you must Drink, Drink up the moments that take your breath away!

The Things You Least Expect To Happen Always Do

he's more than just mi tedii bear, he's the stuffing inside

She would rather have a best friend for a lifetime, then a boyfriend for a week..

My love for you is like outer space it never ends and will go on until the end of time!!!!

-In this short life, theres no time to waste on giving up, my love just wasnt enough

Heartbroken and Softspoken so go on baby walk right past me, im use to it

Your not her first love you, probably wont be her last,
but if shes loves u now with everything shes got why should anything else matter??

i just wish someone could look past the happy face
and the glittery eyes and notices whats really wrong with me

Unless you can see inside my heart ,
there is no way you could possibly understand how ::he:: makes me feel

*.*How Can I Die In A World That Doesn't....Know Me?*.*

Im A cUtIe W/ a BoOtY

~*~Girls are forever, Guys are whatever,
When is comes to the worst my girls come first~*~


Honey, If your gonna be two faced at least make one of them pretty.

I may not say what i mean...But i sure do mean what i say!

¥I may not be beautiful or sassy, but being me makes me happy!!!!¥


"BoYs SuCk..NeVeR lIvE yOuR lIfE fOr SoMeOnE eLsE cOz WhEn ThEy LeAvE..yOu'Ll Be LoSt"

For thoes who hate me, you only make me stronger! And for that, I thank you.

When life gives you lemons, throw them at the really MEAN people and hope it hits them in the eye!!

[Don't Push Love] [But Don't Push It Away] [Because If You Do...] [The One You Love Might Not Stay...]

if you loved me you would be here with me

one alone can dream, but two alone can make that dream come true.

i gave u my love an devotion. u gave me a broken heart

*~You get one tear so make it last cuz all the rest won't bring him back~*

*** I wanna say i love you but im scared u'll turn me down, so im goin say i fancy you.....
i wanna show u how i feel inside...i wanna make u as happy as i am......i love u ******

<<*LoVe Is BeAuTy ThAt Is WhY yOu ArE sO bEaUtIfUl>>*

dont let someone tell you its not love
..........you will know

i NEVER new what love was until i meet him..........

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