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SAVE THE TREES! Wipe your butt with an owl.

At least I’m not as stupid as (Name) looks

Your lips keep moving…but all I hear is “blah, blah, blah…”

**It's ok to live on the edge just don't fall off!**

Different Day, Different Subject, Yet Another Fight


~~ Well, well, well, Look what the cat puked up~~

~sometimes it's easier to say hello to the people we hate
then to say goodbye to the people we love~

. iN ThA EnD cAmE OuT ThE SAmE WaY iT AlWAy`Sz dOES...
sO i iT [[ NEvER ]] wAS DiFfEREnT!!

YoU hAd Me On My KnEeS
pLeAdInG gOd To SeNd YoU bAcK tO mE

I had the worst dream ever last night:
u left me fer some other chick
then i woke up and it wasnt a dream:(

advice is what we ask for when we know the answer and we just wish we didnt..

The mistakes make me wiser and the struggles make me stronger
as the love of u gets farther happiness has its own sweet way of takin its time!

They call me goth
They call me a freak
So I tell them "call me what you want"
because im just unique

would give you my whole heart...if only you would take it..<3

If its a crime being sexy ARREST ME

You talk to much......let me shut you up =)

How do I tell you that you drove me away, and into your best friend?

love hurts if you do it right

love is like a flower in a vase beautiful to look at but doesn't last to long

Baby Don't Hate The Player......Hate That You Got Played

You said forever but forever ended to soon

It's called therapy. GET SOME!!

I don't have A.D.D. I'm just not listening to you!

soccer: the sport women play during girls volleyball season

even her big sunglasses.. can't hide the pain in her eyes

Never let guys get in the way of a perfect friendship.

You usually think itz the guyz that break your heart...but bestfriends can do it too!

In my field of paper flowers you dont love me.

WaTcH yOuR sTeP yOu MiGhT jUsT fALL 4 mE

It's A Girls World, We Just Let The Men Live In It

Life and love are the same, you can hold back,
or you can let go of your fears, jump and pray
that you miss the rocks.

Live, Laugh, Love, and have your fun!

As you climb the ladder to success don't let boys look up your dress!


I fight with you,
I run to him,
Because he makes everything alright again.

If COLORGUARD were any easier, they'd call it CHEERLEADING!

Your Funny But Looks Aren't Everything!

There are plenty of fish in the sea<3
some you cant catch <3......some you can let go <3

~ƒ Th h ƒt, wr t, n th c, t dn't ƒt~

Boys are like lightbulbs...
Some are brighter than others.

She fell asleep with her headphones on mascara running
down her cheek listening to that song that reminds her of him.

Always trust those people who trust you.....
and always love those people who love you

~*~If you stumble upon two shooting stars at the same time,
which one do you wish on?~*~

Your not a bird so quit swooping into my business.

You are heading down the wrong path, I'm over here!

I just went into a black hole, ..... wait, this is your heart!

Love is like batting in a baseball game, it is hit or miss!

Its good to be Silly , But havin a WĮ€ Mind is better!!!

~Even the deepest wounds can be stitched back up,
don't wait for the wound to scar forever~

its not that i can`t live without you... its that i don`t even want to try!

brunettes can read but life's better blonde

Boys cheat, girls do too, but there is a difference between me and you,
some will, some want, you get caught and i dont!

Family and friends will always be on your side of the fence...boys will just
go to the side that has the hottest girls on it..

Two wrongs don't make a right but two lefts do

Your faker then the boquet of flowers you gave me

I may not be a blonde toothpick, but at least I have a heart, it's just too
bad it doesn't have long legs, big boobs and a tiny waste!!!"


A penny saved is a penny earned...but a penny found
on the street is a penny that shouldnt be touched!!!

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