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Know your limits before pushing them.

~*It was not a wipe out, I intentionally fell over*~

Agree with me now! It will save soooo much time!

Why, yes I DO think I'm funny!

If blondes are supposed to be stupid,
then why do we always get the hot guys?

I can fix anything. Where's the duct tape?

**MY Principal Is hotter than u**

a quick nickel is better than a slow dime

I do not have A.D.D! OH! Is that a butterfly?┐?...~PRETTY~!!!

Is that your face or did your throat just throw up?

girlz wanna hear that they are beautiful, not hott.

U know ur heart is broken when he walks by and u hear his name and u just
wanna break down and cry!

¤ts žorta žocial... đemented ┼nd žad ▀ut žocial «ight┐?┐?

AAHHH........theres a flying snack wrap with a hairy neck in ur house!!!

kisses are like tearz... the real onez you cant hold back

There is not love without trust, therefore this no love 4 u!!!!

never leave the one you love for the one you like
because the one you like will leave you for the one they love

if the boot fits wear it

The first thing that guys break,
is your Trust...
Before you even know it.

we are just like 7-eleven, not always doing business, but always open

I would give you my heart
But she has yours
I would give you my hand
But you have hers

people say that histroy repeats it self and i didnt believe them
till u hurt me again so i guess it really does

We Were Something, But Now Were Nothing...But Friends

If my heart were broken I'd be dead.

love those who love you, forget those who forget you

Don't Love the Love that Hurts...
Don't Hurt the Love that Loves

The truth about forever is forever never comes.
The truth about today is that it only last until tommorw.
The truth about tommorw is that its just another day.

kno it really sux that im constantly thinking about u...
but more that im constantly rememberin that u probly dont care...
and it hurts...

look into my green eyes and you'll see im dead inside

if i have to be who i am
and what i am is lost, then who am i?

Love is going to sleep feeling good about everthing
even when so much is going wrong<3

lets commit the perfect crime ;; i'll steal your heart & you'll steal mine

i'm a total gansterr ;; i've got a squirt gun in one hand&candy cigerettes in the other

take my hand and everything will be alright ;; i swear

why make your bed, when you're gonna get back in it?

YOu ask me If i love you..
Newsflash I DO

im not a library book stop checking me out

You dont have to be faster than the BEAR,
You just have to be faster than the slowest guy running away from the BEAR!


click my heels three times and asked for mr. right,
15 minutes later i said where the heck is he?

I want to be in love with you but something is holding me back,
I think it is my common sense telling me to get the hell out of there!

If your driving do u ever wonder how many people you pass by???

A sUnRiSe is LiKe a SunSeT only BaCkWaRdS

Why is it that guys love dumb girls?

Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday!!!!
So live for today, hope for tomorrow and let yesterday fade!

The way to my heart is through my mind
and the only people that get there
are the smart ones...

sometimes i feel like if i died tomarrow no one would care

Never give up on the one you love,
one day they might relize how much you mean to them

Love & Death...they both come uninvited!

Sorrow comes for free, but for happiness you got to pay a price.

X:. I am a unique treasure ... to be treasured as though i am unique .:X

What if i fell to the floor?
What if i couldnt take this anymore?
Would you be there to help me up?
Or would you be turning your back like usual?

let my wounds bleed eternally over your eyes so you can see my pain

im not sure if i wanna trust u ..... im not sure if i wanna love u

if no one ever took chances,
michelangelo would have painted the sistine floor

Airbags don't save lives, they just provide cushion when you crash!

the dirty looks, the jealous stares, the funny part is you think I care!***

Don't push love; but don't push it away...
because if you do then the one you love might not stay.

*˜* Eye. . . am the PURRRFECT example of who I want to be when I grow up! *˜*

i love you, is that okay?



love me or hate me...its still an obsession!

If the shoe fits buy it in every color

You stole my heart, I had nothing to say. You stole my soul, but I love you anyways.

I love you Not only for what you are, But for what I am When I am with you

Did you know that when a Squirrel has found its mate,
they stay together for the rest of their lives?.......Be my Squirrel?

(~XxBrunettes are cute but Blondes are HotXx~)

I did everything to keep him around...when all it would have took was a simple smile.

So teach me those rules, I'll show you how to break them.

When a big hairy man comes in your room at night and puts you in a bag with a squirrel
Don't be afraid, I've told Santa "I want you and a squirrel for Christmas"

I Close My Eyes And Kiss Your Lips, Then I Go To Paradise

loving someone is to protect her n not make her sad

She was sad but refused to cry..She won't open up..She won't let anyone in..


~*I've Been kicked in a most sensitive spot,
sure guys have balls, but girls have HEARTS!*~

ya i love this hicky!

hehe that would be really funny if it were true

what came first the chicken or the egg?

everything around me is falling apart
i cant seem to mend the pieces of my broken heart

~You make me smile in a way that no one can ever explain~

success is not a destination...it is a journey

How do you choose between the one you want and the one who wants you?

Remember someone is always watching.

not knowing what you know is what you know

he cheated, i forgave, i loved him, he didn't believe me,
i cared, i dont know about him, i wanted to cheat, he yelled,
i cryed.... now its over and i just want to die. life sucks

dont play around squirrels...theyll bite ur nuts

cOURAGe is dOIn wAt ur aFRAId to do,
tHERe cAn be no cOURAGe uNLESs ur sCAREd.

Girls Are Just One BIG joke

Love is like a Rainbow, it never lasts forever

don't judge me on first impressions or by what i look like...
get to know me understand me then judge me based upon that

plz don't smille at me ever again, cuz i dont want to have to pretend

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