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Friends last but so does tru love

Give me a warning, give me a sign, give me a warning sign...

<I'm too fond of u>

***!!!dimenz r prty n so r perls but aint nutin prtyer then me n mi gurls!!!***

~~~!!!a true friend is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart!!!~~~

in the sundae of your life your best friend is tha perfect cherry on top


Dont leave me alone, thats dangerous, i might start to think again,
the numbness will fade, and the pain will start again...

*The Cinema Is Dark For A Reason*

LoVe- is just a four letter word used to scare us!

i pretend that everything is alright. but really its not.

I love him and i miss him next time i see him i am gonna kiss him

if boys were jokes i swear we would never laugh!!!!!

tears are words that the heart cant say

love might be a mistake, but it is a mistake worth taking

you don have to lie to make friends,just have to lie to keep them

losing your best friend is hard..trying to get them back is even harder

love is the red rose on that coffin door

My love, my soul and all that I acquire, is yours forever if you shall desire.

I'm sorry if I'm not around that much but by letter I promise to keep in touch.

Boys are cheats liars, but so are girls,
they both cheat on you, and lie about who they cheated with!

Sometimes those who give advice are in need of it most!

Anger is like a thing inside you waiting to explode and when the happens it's uncontrolable.

I know you like me!!! so stop trying to play it off

If You Look Back On The Past..You'll Trip Over The Future.

my knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil


The key to loving someone is having the courage to let them love you back

Who you are and what you see in the mirror can be two different images

your enemies are like cops,
they write down what you do wrong and make you pay for it.

We're in the same boat, so can we just sail away together?"

I am fond of fondu but not fondof u!

if you never take the chance to learn about someone
why would anyone take a chance to learn about you?

..::If YoU bReAK My HeArT... U wILL EnD UP SLeePiN WiTH ThE SQuiRreLS::..

'L €v l€† g
ƒ pm̧ † 2 ƒ€ wå

~***~Homie Don't Play That Way~***~

if a rose represents love then why does it die


)*(don't give mean the world to someone)*(

i wished on a falling star
and it came down
hit you in the head,
and knocked you out.
my wish was granted.

He broke my heart.. so i broke his guitar...

Your gonna look back on the one day and say, "dang, that girl really did love me"

I've Cryed More Over You Then I Have Ever Smiled

I'm willing to kiss a few frogs to find my price charming

guess wat?chickens butt guess why?why?you lie

how can someone be so hot and crispy on the outside
when they are so frezzing and raw on the inside!

Saying Sorry Can Fix Alot Of Things...
But You Know What Else Can Fix Alot Of Things?
....A Monkey Wrench!


when i look int o ur eyes i see a future but when i look
anywhere else i think our relatinship is down the drain

You Stole My Heart, You Ripped it Out, And Smashed it On The Floor...
I Smiiled Because You Touched Me<3

Best friends forever _ its not a label - its a PR0MISE*

A friendship is like a bracelet...sometimes it falls apart...but you can always put it back together

bOyS lIe...gIrlS cRy...wHy??
bOyS aRe aLwAyS lAtE...gIrLs HaVe tO wAiT
thATs NoT RiGhT...gIrLs ShOuLd FiGhT

(name's) fACe iS LikE LoVE... It'S UgLY

Here's to the nights we'll never remember, with friends we'll never forget!

If you are crazier then squirrels, then you must be NUTZ!

i managed to get over you once i don't know if i can do it again

hold your head high GORGEOUS theres ppl out there
that would kill to see YOU FALL.

i don't know whats crazier, you telling me you love me, or me actually believing you!

love is like a feel it one moment...and it's washed away the next!

GAME?? What game! I'm here to se he BAND!

~{The spaces between my fingers are ment to be filled with yours<3}~

TRuTH o.r. DaRE?

Being In Total Control of Him

Romance is nice cars, and red roses, but love is kisses and my man too!

I choose DARE!

Even a fish wouldn't get caught, if it would keep its mouth shut!

If sumone asks you a specific question, they probaly already know the answer!!

i loved him with every thing i love him with nuthing

I'm a fighter, i aint got no respect unless u hit back.

I'm sorry, but thats the way the cookie gets eaten

best friends are the sisters that destiny forgot to give us

If you like me....ure not the only take a number

the apple of your eye at 15 is not the apple of your eye at 20

Take a risk... it might just be exactly what ure looking for

If you beat my heart any harder my boyfriend might hear us

beautiful mistakes = little disaster's

The Best Thing In Life Are Unseen
That's Why We Close Are Eyes
When We Kiss,Cry & Dream

Pain is the most common thing you feel when you fall in love.

there's over 6 billion people in the world. and sometmes you only need 1

squirrlzz rok

.. and i wished, "i wana be a Squirrel's Princess"
... then i thought, maaaaannnnnnnnnn!!! whats up with that!!!

~~ Attitude Outta Control ~~

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