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At the sight of you, my heart goes Whoa

you dont understand i did it for us not me... no matter how much it hurt:(

why do people think life is about love? it's not..life is about living!

I love you so much, but why do i keep hurting you?

One things for sure...they were crazy about each other

sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses

~~ caution: speak REALLY SLOW i'm one of the blondest
girls u'd ever meet ps i'm a hott blonde if ur interested ~~

~ i cant stand ppl who can't finish a... ~

The only reason I am here today is because death is overrated

You said you loved me…congratulations you FAILED terribly…

I’ll give you half my heart… so when you break it, ill still have half left…

…soon I shall become a memory... waiting to be erased

So cheers to teenage romance… and not knowing why it hurts like hell…

…as the future becomes present…do you love me yet?

I poison my skin with your name… and yet you still don’t love me…

~U laugh, I laugh. U Cry, I cry. U fall over a cliff, I watch!~

~This love thing will end sooner then this hurt thing will~

I HaTe ScHoOl BuT LoVe ThE BoYs!!!

Its funny how a fake smile can be. And no one will notice the pain beneath it all..

has your head ever wanted to ask a question
but your mind is too afraid of what the answer might be?

Past, present,future
were SO PAST!


The "Buddy System" just doesn't sound right...

I dont want to hear you say goodbye

Its better to say "Hi" instead of "hello" because Hevean is up "hi" and Hell is down "low"

lipstick oil powder and paint
a girl mostly is what she aint

*~If I could enclose my heart in bubble wrap I would,
that way my heart could never be broken~*

behind every great girl there is a boy checking her out!!

U never knew u hurt her so much until u walked a day in her shoes!

~~Ya...You Say Ur Smarter Than The Average Bear,,,
And I Say: Ya A BEAR!~~

Love Is Only A Tear Drop Away...
So Make Sure They Are Worth It!



Love is like the wind, u can't see it but u can feel it!!!

mt, l€v, p† m€ ܮ h† 4 v

ppl ask me why is it so hard to trust ppl i ask " why is it so hard to keep a promise?"

You have all your life to figure out whats worth your time,
but you have to take time to realize it.

boys are like shoes~~just cuz u got 'um doesn't mean you can't window shop!!!

you hugged me i hugged you back, you kissed me i kissed you back,
how come when you said i love you i couldn't say that back.

~I dream of a better tomorrow,when chickens can
cross the road and not be questioned of their motives!!~

You know you're a marching band nerd if you're watching a football
game and thinking to yourself..."What are all those football players doing on our field??"

~ Hearts will never be practical, until they are made unbreakable~

Flowers are sweet, Bees make the honey
Deers eat the grass,Hawks eat the Bunnys!

Love is simply a lie used to humiliate someone.

!!U Can't C Me!!

We've laughed, We've cried , We've went through hard times,
But you know I will always be there in the blink of an eye!

Life’s like a cooking recipe: 1 cup of good, 1 cup of bad,
a pinch of laughter, a pinch of tears, a handful of smiles,
and a generous amount of frowns. Add some friends for flavor,
and sprinkle on some beauty!!

"Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive..those of you that dont think that are
just messed up."

The only thing a girl should chase is her dog when it runs away!

you don't know who i am although i stand before your eyes

ƒ †d hm hw i f€L ut hm, †h h wl knw †h† xit

My weakness is that I care too much

Love dies……..Not with angry words…….But with silence…

Once broken……………..Never mended…

Once in a blue moon, someone like you comes along and someone like me gets lucky!

Every one dies... it is just a matter of when and how.

~What u do in the darkness will eventually come to light~

people tell me to move on but they dont get it!! I cant!!

~*~I Cant Get U Out Of My Mind!...But Now Im Thinkin Maybe I Dont Want U Out Of My Mind...?~*~

do you feel like a man; when you push her around?!

she says "lie to me"
he says "i love you"

you are so involved in my life you don't have one of your own..

we all come into this world kicking and screaming. but the lucky ones never stop-SOCCER!

boy you better go buy some nikes.. cause your gonna need them when you coming running back.

Frogs are genius's because they trick the girl to kiss them, which turns them into a handsome man!

Crazy is a relative term in my family!

A rich man's joke is always funny.

I'm putting more faith in you than i can afford to lose... don't let me down!

If at first you don't succeed, quit.

where i come from its corn bread and chicken yeehaw yall

When a girl hates you like she does,
that really means she likes you,
that's simple kindergarten psychology

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