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«ü had betta take some sleeping pills baby....cüz the only place üll get me is in ür dreamz!¡!»

ºROseZ Smell Good Yet they die, i Will Be truthful UnleSs u liEº

~if u luv me tell me itz tru~
~if u don't i'll still luv u~

I dont come with dice-so dont play me.

×hE AbUsEz HeR w/ HuGz N' KiSsEz×

i never really noticed, i never really cared, how much i luv u, but now it's different, and i just want to say...I LOVE YOU! ~to (name)

I Set My Eyes On Da QTest Guy, Neva Thinkin He'd Make Me Cry

Guyz r like roller coasters....they eitha make u sick to ur stomach or give u the time time of your life!-

I'm hot and you know it..wait let me rephrase that..
I'm hot and you never seem to notice!

La La La I'm Not Listening To you And I Never Will!

If love was like a war..I'm glad I surrendered myself to you.

I'm SwEeT as HeAvEn, I'm HoT as HeLl, I'm the FiNeSt GuRl, as U can TeLL!!!

2 sweet + 2 b = 4gotten

I mAy nOt Be a bLoNd bUt i SuRe aM dUmB!!~

Mommy and Daddy think ure precious but man ure WILD!!

~ Rose's Are Red ~
~ Violets Are Blue~
~ The Sun Is Hot ~
~ And So Are U ~

Everyone is meant for someone...I believe that you are my someone...

This is an inside joke and ur on the outside!

the only way to treat something deadly serious is to treat it lightly

~Anger is only one letter short of dAnger.~

Yew call me dumb, Yew call me stoopid! Its not my fault i like u, its cupids!!!

Computers: A really hot one.....oops.....my fault.....that's my reflection!

Im not a lie, Im not an illusion, Im an angel so whats the confusion???

You don't love someone because they're beautiful. They're beautiful because you love them.

-That's allright, that's okay, you're gonna pump my gas someday!!!!-

God made man first. Woman was just an afterthought.

I was born when you kissed me, I died when you left me, but I lived for the 2 months you dated me


stop honkin ure hornz stop callin mah name I aint fallen 4 ya game

stop lookin at me dat way.... ur scarin me!!!

(Your Name) You want it but you fear it but you love it when you're near it

when friends should be there when you are crying from a guy instead they are flirting with the guy!!!

Ive alwayz got somethin 2 say, u dont like it stay outta my way!!!

most gurls say good guyz finish last.......but in my heart they finish first

name is the best
name is mah hunny
all i need is luv ,
dont care bout the money

I JuSt DoN't KnOw WhY BoYs TrEat GiRls LiKe ThAt
I ThInK ThEy NeEd To LeArn MoRe AbOuT Us
U KNOW.....

lOvE fIsHeS cUz tHiEr So DELiCiOuS...gOtTa gO fIsHiN...
I cOulD Go fIsHiN 4 u BuT u aInT eXaCtLy WhAt We CaLL dElioCOUs

Love; A very strong word. Use with EXTREME caution.

Do I look like a lolipop to you? cause your licking my foot!

I still miss my ex....but my aims improving

Thats How Love Works Thats How Love Moves Like A River Running Through You Sometimes It Lifts You As High As Heaven It Consumes You Thats A Given!!!

~*` you know you like what you see... but u still cant get with a gurl lik me!~*

We shared our secrets in the dark,
although we were only friends
i don't know when the feelin changed
inside my heart

GuYs ArE LiKe CrAyOnS ... 64 Is BeTtEr ThEn OnE

i looked at you a thousand times
but this time when i looked at u
there was somethin new
how could i be so blind?

ya'll look at me and say
"girl u've been blessed"
but ya'll can't see the inside
of my unhappiness

CoMpEtItIoN Is NaDa. . .
ThErE AiN'T NoBoDy HoTtA!

Im wanted, Im hot, Im everything your not!!!!


life is a fairytail you just have to get past the evil step mother part

Hi. I am probably home. I'm just avoiding someone I don't like. Leave me a message, and if I don't call back, it's you.

* I love this quote - do you like it? *

L oose
O nce
V omit
E nemies
........ WhAtS sO gOoD aBoUt ThAt!!

They told me all about you
They told me you were free
They told me you were great
The perfect one for me

Don't think of it as losing, think of it as getting beat by a girl

If YoU dOn'T LiKe WhAt YoU SeE...OoPs...
I fOrGoT EvErYoNe LiKeS wHaT tHeY SeE
If ThEy'Re LoOkInG aT Me!!!!!!!!

Men r not pigs... pigs are cute, conciderate, and caring.

Ok, angels are all good and stuff? Where's the fun in that?

I was here for you so long, now that you want me, i've moved on, found somebody new, he's even better then you

First God created man...THEN HE HAD A BETTER IDEA!!

][\\][ (()) ][_ ][ ][v][ ][ "]["

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